On race issues, MLK was wise beyond his times, but his wisdom would be denounced today. ACWT will be moving toward new channels...stay tuned here on this site! Main Street America has no idea who is running the Biden agenda, and Main Street America did not vote for it. Not a good recipe... The Senate releases a report on Biden family corruption--which they knew before the election. Americans notice the timing and purpose.

Why It Matters – The January 18th Show

Why It Matters – The January 18th Show

American Needs MLK


The “right to protest for right,” King maintained, is both a natural human right and a precious American inheritance. The spirit of righteous resistance is among the virtues of the American character—yet, like other such qualities, it loses its virtuous character when it is carried into extremism.”

“[T]wo opposing forces …the extremes of demoralized complacency and of the “bitterness and hatred” propagated by those advocating violence and separatism.

MLK would be cancelled today

for his treatment of women, and

For his conservative, Christian, patriotic worldview

But his greatness remains to be learned


Truth About America:  ACWT/Media Plan


CNN Video – Censorship of OAN and NewsMax is necessary?

Project Veritas with Twitter – Global censorship a must?

ACWT will be expanding to other platforms like RUMBLE and Parler (it’s coming back!) and more

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What America Voted For (or Didn’t Vote For)


Watch the American reaction as Biden proceeds…did 80 million Americans vote FOR:

  • Rolling back the enhanced vetting for refugees from states w/ jihadist problems?
  • A path to citizenship for 20+ million people illegally in the USA?
  • Killing the Keystone Pipeline and thousands of middle America jobs?
  • Mandatory masks for ‘interstate travel’?

Joe Biden will not be in charge of anything because of his mental decline

Do 80 million Biden voters know who will be in charge?

The radical left agenda coming down the pike will shock Main Street USA


Senate HSC Report:  Biden Risk


US Senate Homeland Security Comm. just released a report on Biden family…

…heading of the report:


The info on which this report is based has been in the possession of the FBI/DOJ since March/April of 2020, and was known by the Senate Committee long before the election

Honest American voters—of whatever political view—

ought to be outraged at government behavior

which withholds material information

about any presidential candidate