Why It Matters – The January 19th Show

Why It Matters – The January 19th Show

MLK and 1776 Commission


MLK is revered by millions of Americans. One more great quote from a sermon he gave:

“God is still around. One day, you’re going to need him. The problems of life will begin to overwhelm you; disappointments will begin to beat upon the door of your life like a tidal wave. And if you don’t have a deep and patient faith, you aren’t going to be able to make it.

MLK  also called for ENDING racial division, not spreading it via identity politics. ”Cancel MLK?”

President Trump’s 1776 Commission released a report on MLK day, urging Americans to renew our understanding of the story of America & its exceptional identity.

Leftists Dismiss the 1776 Commission report and America itself as “Racist”

Americans need to Decide WHAT was and is true about America

BECAUSE calling America evil will be the justification

For the Socialist TYRANNY that is coming


Militarized DC – Why?


25,000+ troops in DC for security for the inauguration of a new President

Security and safety for a new President and all in DC is vital.

But this feels over the top …it’s MORE than FOUR times the number of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

WHY so many troops now?   Genuine fear of violence? Or a ‘Show of force’ intimidation-of-opponents?  A little of both?

Biden will announce a theme calling for unity in America.

But unity around what? His administration? Freedom of speech? Free and fair elections?

An investigation into the election of 2020?

Unity around his policies most certainly will NOT happen.


Scorched Earth Mode


Soviet Union utilized 24/7 loudspeakers to indoctrinate Russians into Communism.

All opposing ideas were shunned, shamed, silenced. NO talk about opposition to communism OR support for freedom. Citizens turned on each other.

Leftists in America have spent 4+ years indoctrinating Americans that Trump is evil etc.  Their latest decree is that “No one may discuss election fraud.”

SO, BB&B & Kohl’s “cancel” MyPillow products because Founder Mike Lindell spoke out against election fraud. Loews Hotel cancelled a FR for Sen. Josh Hawley (and Simon & Schuster ”cancelled” his book about censorship)  because he exercised his right and duty to challenge electors. AOC (pointlessly and idiotically) calls for Hawley and Cruz to resign.

The parallels to the Soviet Union SILENCING ALL OBJECTIONS ought to disturb all Americans