Why It Matters – The January 20th Show

Why It Matters – The January 20th Show

Trump’s Farewell for Now


Farewell message short, gracious, loving

            Left traditional WH note for Joe Biden

Some have criticized for not attending inauguration; some have defended

Pledges to return ‘in some form’

Inauguration attended by more troops than American citizen/tourists

            No reports so far of any violence or other adverse incidents—this is good


But overall, Washington DC as largely vacant, armed fortress on the day of inaugurating a new President is not a good look for America and American democracy


Biden Launches


Entering office with a flourish…

            Day 1 orders addressing four ‘crises’

                        Covid – 100 day ‘masking challenge’

Economy – Pause on pandemic-related evictions

Climate –rejoining Paris accord

Racial inequality – Susan Rice (?) to head WH Domestic Policy

End funding of border wall

Reverse aggressive enforcement of immigration laws

Some actions within range of expectations; some will stretch

Real question:  who is in charge?  Susan Rice?


How We Got Here


  • Communists have long spelled out strategy for taking down America

            USE the lever of racism to divide Americans, foment distrust

  • Constant drumbeat of Trump as racist and supporters as white supremacists knows no boundaries…

            Now there is an imagined new army of white supremacists headed by Trump

Utterly devoid of reality, but relentless as propaganda to keep a ‘crisis’ alive

  • Communist escapees to America have been warning Americans for years
  • Black American Manning Johnson wrote a book about Communist exploitation of blacks

            Johnson went from Communist Party member to freedom-loving American

Will Americans be able to re-learn American Exceptionalism in time?


What’s Next for Patriots


American patriots—

  • Abandoned by the GOP
  • Facing aggressive communism and totalitarianism, with no political home
  • Holding elected officials accountable…futile?
  • Demanding air-clearing investigation of election fraud?
    • Biden would benefit from a serious investigation, but political calculation says he won’t do it under any circumstances
  • New election reform legislation

Not a bright outlook for American patriots on January 20, 2021


Katie Hopkins – Political News


Friend of ACWT joined the UKIP Party…in time to run for office

            Watch out UK – Katie Hopkins is a force of nature!