Why It Matters – The January 21st Show

Why It Matters – The January 21st Show

How to Repress Speech and Freedom


Eye-opening letter from an ACWT listener in Germany

Parallels to the 1930s are striking and disturbing

Leftists whipping up TDS into a frenzy of hysterical hatred and fear

John Brennan seeks to redefine 75 million American voters as ‘domestic terrorists’

Leftists leveraging 4 proclaimed ‘crises’—covid, climate, economy, racial inequity—to

move in draconian fashion to implement agenda…

            …but how does opening the borders fit with covid caution?

What % of Biden voters support labeling 75M American voters as domestic terrorists?

              Of those who do NOT, what percentage will do anything to stop it?

                The future of America as a free country may depend on the answer


How to Stand Up


Switzerland – National referendum to strip govt of ability to impose lockdowns

Italy – 50,000 restaurant owners band together to OPEN in defiance of govt orders

Barstool Sports – operating in US private sector to help their ‘neighbors’ – pure Americana

America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, not Switzerland or Italy

Will Americans rise to their heritage?