Why It Matters – The January 23rd Show

Why It Matters – The January 23rd Show

Gems of Wisdom From Diamond’s Funeral


The sad passing of ‘Diamond’ of Diamond & Silk may have a few silver linings

  • Memorial service re-highlighted the warmth and joy and humor of the two of them as outspoken conservative black women
  • Filled with obvious and genuine affection from the entire family for their friendship with and respect for Donald Trump…tributes put the lie to the ‘Trump is a racist’ tripe
  • Mike Lindell’s heartfelt tribute also put the lie to ‘conservatives are racist’ tripe


  • Silk used the occasion to call for investigation of covid vaccines…which she implied may have been the cause of Diamond’s death…and Trump heard it

Tragic to lose such a frank and unique voice…

but attention to her memorial service may have reached many who barely knew or did not know

at all the inspiring story and awakening message of Diamond & Silk


Tyranny Ending: NZ PM Quits


NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern among the world’s most strident, heartless, tyrannical leaders during the covid era…has resigned rather than face re-election

  • Imposed massive and rigid lockdowns in NZ…practically forbidding human interaction
  • Relentless public determination to viciously ostracize and shun the unvaccinated
  • Adverse vaccine side effects blithely ignored
  • Much speculation about her ties to the CCP and Soros

The good news:  Ardern appears to have been worn down by the protests against her

Tyranny can be (figuratively) run out of town if the people see it and rise up to say ‘no more’

Is the Biden Cabal…Next?


Dr. Ryan Cole’s Medical License Threatened


WA state has begun efforts to take away Dr. Cole’s medical license

  • Grounds? All about prescribing ivermectin for treatment of covid

America continues to pay a horrendous price for having been subject to state/Big Tech censorship and willful deceit about the origin and treatments for covid

  • Ivermectin got tagged as ‘horse paste’ by the ruling elite of ‘public health’ institutions
  • Led to mockery and dismissal of a proven, effective, inexpensive treatment

…as shown by MULTIPLE studies

Watch the ACWT interview with Dr. Eric Nepute from January 12th to understand the ignorance (willful blindness?) of government officials & attorneys about early treatment for covid. Many seem to honestly have no idea of anything other than false leftist narratives.

Dr. Cole is a courageous, old-school type physician…

taking away his license b/c he prescribed ivermectin is preposterous