Why It Matters – The January 23rd Show

Why It Matters – The January 23rd Show

Tenacity and Brexit Win


Brexit is the UK’s version of the will of the people v. the will of the ruling class/elite

From June 2016 UK referendum to January 2020 execution

ØDelays, lawsuits, lobbying, political gamesmanship and grandstanding
ØResignation of Prime Minister Theresa May because she couldn’t/wouldn’t deliver
ØLandslide for new PM Boris Johnson

The will of the British people will finally prevail January 31, 2020

November 2016 was America’s first version of the battle of wills; November 2020 is Round 2

The American people will prevail in 2020


Impeachment:  Witnesses? Dismiss?  Fight?


Americans have sized up the impeachment sham, and have tuned out

But…21 State AGs have urged immediate dismissal after House presents the opening case

ØNot because they are big fans of Donald Trump
ØBecause they see the abuse represented by these articles of impeachment

Threatens Constitutional order if impeachment is used for policy disagreement

Argument against immediate dismissal:  the American people need to hear the President’s defense, because not enough Americans understand the fraud and abuse that Schiff/Nadler have committed

Americans are already on to Schiff and Dems as disingenuous, hypocritical partisans

The impeachment sham ought to be over next week


Bail “Reform” & Sanctuary & Death


Americans must re-learn, as to elections:  IDEAS MATTER

The confluence of leftist ideas:

ØBail reform
ØProsecutorial refusal to go after theft <$$$
Ø‘Sanctuary’ non-enforcement of immigration laws, including refusal to deport dangerous criminals
üPromotes an atmosphere of lawlessness; an acceptance of crime
üINEVITABLY leads to a breakdown of law and order for everyone

The choice in 2020: Democrats versus America

Leftist Dems v. Patriots, Republicans, and rule of law

Americans need “R’s”, in every office