Why It Matters – The January 24th Show

Why It Matters – The January 24th Show

Mass Psychosis Lunacy: Black Conservative Banished


Female owner of an otherwise empty FLA restaurant kicks out Gianno Caldwell, a black man

  • Caldwell merely a patron/customer of a restaurant…not causing trouble, being rude, etc.
  • Caldwell grew up in South Side of Chicago, lost a brother to random violence

Reason given by restaurant owner for kicking out Caldwell?

  • Caldwell is a black conservative contributor to Fox News
  • Restaurant owner uncomfortable with Caldwell’s politics

Restaurant owner utterly desensitized and impervious to core American values of common decency, civility and freedom of speech…a “Jim Crow” action based on political opinion

Caldwell incident underscores the deep, hypnotic-like trance that has overtaken America

This incident should NEVER occur anywhere in America

It must not become “OK”; it is not OK


Mass Psychosis Lunacy: Patriot Mobile & Grapevine Police


Patriot Mobile gave Grapevine Police a gift certificate for pizza for the whole dept

  • DEM group objected, because:

oPM is allegedly “Christian nationalist” (whatever that means)

oPM donated in school board races for candidates opposed to CRT and grooming

…and the Grapevine Police ‘took a knee’ for DEMS and apologized for accepting the gift

America IS a Judeo-Christian nation…Period….Full Stop…Nothing to apologize for…a FACT

  • Millions of American parents are deeply opposed to CRT and sexual grooming of children
  • Why in the world would any American police dept apologize for accepting a gift from anyone who supports these Christian values?
  • Why can’t DEMs donate their own gift instead of objecting to others?

                Left’s hatred of America has always been about hatred of Christianity

           Americans and their police depts need to wake up and defend their heritage


DOJ Defying Congressional Investigations – What’s Next?


Jim Jordan’s House Judiciary Committee…

  • Launching on various investigations into Biden scandals (including classified docs)
  • Setting up subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government

DOJ already responding to Jordan with ‘blow off’ letter signaling no cooperation

Americans have lost all confidence in the integrity and Constitutional fidelity of EVERY institution—including especially the DOJ, FBI, IRS, CIA and NSA

Deep State stonewalling must be overcome through public pressure

and aggressively transparent actions by House committees…

find and expose the TRUTH…

and let the American people decide what to do


REAL Russia Collusion – by FBI Officer? 


FBI officer who led Trump-Russia collusion investigation has been arrested for personally accepting money from a Russian oligarch for FBI favors

In other words, the utterly fraudulent and fabricated Russia collusion investigation of Trump was led by an FBI officer engaged in collusion with Russia for personal profit

ØThis is peak hypocrisy and corruption inside the US federal govt

…epitomizing the reason for Jim Jordan’s House investigations


ØThere is no way to salvage America’s rotten-to-the-core institutions; they must be defunded, disbanded and, only where essential, re-started

Americans MUST get behind Jim Jordan and his House investigations

The investigations MUST out the truth

accountability and reform MUST follow