Why It Matters – The January 24th Show

Why It Matters – The January 24th Show

Marches Matter! March for Life


  • Friday, January 21st—The 49th March for Life—
  • Launched after Roe v. Wade in 1973…which is now squarely in front of SCOTUS for reconsideration
  • 49 years of marches are a testament to:
    • The spirit of America that does NOT defer to govt as supreme moral authority
      • Citizens understand right and wrong just as much as govt bureaucrats
    • The exercise of free speech and free assembly
    • The power of persistence, and of rejecting cynicism
    • Confidence that in America, moral misjudgments by ‘authorities’ can be corrected over time

The spirit powering the March for Life is now spreading and powering

the preservation of American freedom…and humanity’s freedom

An exciting time to be alive!


“Defeat the Mandates” DC Protest


  • Enormous crowds in Washington DC on Sunday January 23rd to protest vaccine mandates
  • Eminent, credentialed scientists and physicians stepping up and speaking out
    • 17,000 physicians have signed a ‘covid declaration’ opposing mandates and interference with doctor/patient relationship
  • Robert Malone distilled the essence of American medical freedom:

“If there is risk, there must be choice”

  • Americans must be free to choose how they take care of their health; they must NEVER be forced to submit to government deciding this for them
  • Legacy media’s refusal to cover this protest is placing distrust of the media on a new level

…they are not merely biased; they are instruments of the leftist cabal…=Pravda


Spirit of Freedom ALL Over the World


  • European anti-mandate protests are continent-wide, and are growing in intensity
  • UK healthcare workers tossing uniforms at police
  • Canadian truckers rallying the Canadian populace against tyranny
  • Starbucks (?!) backs away from vaccine mandates for their employees

Pandemic fear is breaking, worldwide, and people are rallying for freedom

This is very positive for America and the World

But it makes the radical left more desperate

Be Watchful against false flags and other manipulations