Why It Matters – The January 25th Show

Why It Matters – The January 25th Show

Karens Gone Crazy


White women assault black man in an elevator…

…because he was not wearing a mask

…they shout ‘black lives matter’ to make clear they only hate him for not wearing a mask

Americans are paying an enormous price for the mass hysteria and mask hysteria their own govt imposed on this country

  • Studies are consistent: masks are ineffective against viruses
  • Fauci was opposed to masks before arguing to mandate them
  • Masks are dehumanizing, preventing normal, healthy, desirable human warmth and interaction

The horrendous, sickening and growing feeling is that the govt’s actions are deliberate; they are an exercise of tyrannical power and mental manipulation that was never based ona good faith foundation of concern for public health


Sen. Johnson’s “Second Opinion Panel”


“Get a second opinion” has been time honored medical advice for decades

Why was this never done by govt or health officials re covid until NOW?

Senator Ron Johnson’s panel jam-packed with important information from credentialed experts in all relevant fields…full video available all over alternative media…worth watching

Understand:  the doctors testifying at the panel TREAT COVID PATIENTS by the thousands; Fauci hasn’t treated a patient in decades

Dr. Peter McCullough’s conclusion:

  • Time for the American people to take charge of their own lives; govt does not control you
  • Consider multiple experts; don’t defer to one person as if he is infallible ‘science’
  • Take off the masks, go back to school, live normally; end this pandemic