Why It Matters – The January 25th Show

Why It Matters – The January 25th Show

Tina Peters trial starting in Colorado Tomorrow


Tina Peters is a heartland-of-America woman who served as election clerk in Mesa Co., CO

  • Acted on very reasonable suspicion of election irregularities
  • Did her duty and asked a Board of Supervisors to do theirs
  • Peters discovered rigged voting machines in her county
  • Cyber experts examined them/wrote definitive reports on the means and methods of rigging
  • Not one of the cyber experts’ reports has been disputed or disproven

YET…in Dem-controlled Colorado, Tina Peters is being prosecuted for allowing an IT expert

to use an ID tag to discover the rigging

  • Akin to prosecuting a person b/c she jaywalked while uncovering massive election-rigging

Is there a judge left in America who understands how this looks to the American people?

This is rank prosecutorial abuse…’straining out gnats and swallowing camels’

It’s the ruling class v. the people…and the people have had enough


AZ Election Further Unraveling


The ruling class refuses to face the truth of overwhelming evidence of election fraud

The judiciary so far refuses to see what every normal person can see

  • Testimony in AZ Senate this week showed more than 250K ballots misread
  • Signature matching examples show ridiculous ‘matches’
  • Yet…margin of Hobbs’ ‘victory’ was 17,000 votes

Will the Arizona appellate court find the courage to set aside a bogus election?

Kari Lake is giving the judicial system the opportunity to dispense justice in the face of overwhelming evidence

  • Not clear how much more patience the American people have with cowardly officials/judges


Criminal Charges Against TRUMP in Georgia?


Georgia’s elections riddled with documented, massive corruption

  • Georgians rightly have little or no confidence in the integrity of results in 2020 Presidential election, 2020 special election for US Senate, or 2022 results
  • YET…a 4 minute call by Trump in the aftermath of 2020 urging investigation is now the focus of a ruling class-convened grand jury deciding on potential criminal indictment of Trump

Ruling Uniparty in DC, Colorado, Arizona and Georgia (and elsewhere) willfully refuses to consider the evidence of massive election fraud, and insists the problem is Trump

MSM bias obscures a growing mass of American people who understand the evidence, and are impatient and disgusted with officials’ defiance, cowardice and willful blindness

       Americans’ impatience and disgust are NOT going away; this MUST be fixed


Kevin McCarthy Stepping Up


McCarthy acting with surprising backbone

  • Freedom Caucus members onto the Rules Committee
  • Schiff and Swalwell OFF the Intelligence Committee
  • Committee on Weaponization of Govt appointed
  • Committee on resisting China appointed

McCarthy’s takedown of ridiculous journalist whining about Schiff and Swalwell goes viral

20 House members who stalled McCarthy’s election to the Speakership deserve credit

Leveraged their consolidated strength to get concessions and instill more ‘fight’

…and it’s working



Deep Dive on Biden Documents Espionage?


China has openly declared ‘unrestricted’, all-means-necessary war against America

  • They lie, steal and cheat as necessary…and they seek to own US elected officials
  • Example: Eric Swalwell compromised by female Chinese spy

Million$, maybe billion$, have been paid by China to Biden family members/interests

  • Shrugged off by the Bidens as ‘just business’?

Now the discovery of SCI documents in multiple Biden family locations—including a home occupied by Hunter and his entourage—is raising the most basic question:

  • Did Biden deliver top secret/SCI documents to China in exchange for money?

Biden’s DOJ/FBI can’t be trusted to investigate…but will others get to the truth?

This is a monumental scandal…Biden could be forced out over it

The basic question MUST be answered