Why It Matters – The January 25th Show

Why It Matters – The January 25th Show

Solidifying Power:  Happening NOW


Two DEM bills/tactics already introduced:

  • HR 1 – Federalize election law; enable by statute every form of ballot and voter and election fraud; expand mail-in ballots; no voter ID; permit ballot harvesting
  • Amnesty – Set to try to ram it through as part of budget bill or covid relief bill…using ‘reconciliation’ to bypass 60 vote rules in Senate and approve with simple majority

This is EXACTLY how Obamacare was passed against the will of the people

            These will not rebuild unity among the people or trust in Congress

                    They will make everything in the political atmosphere worse


Communism as Soul-killing:  Time to Relearn


Two decades of academia have dumbed down knowledge of life under communism

It’s not just about changes in economic organization; it is about—

  • Decimation of the dignity of the individual
  • Freedom rendered meaningless
  • Rule of power and not of law…breeds a corrupt/morally bankrupt authority structure
  • An atmosphere of oppression among the people

Consider Gulbahar Haitiwaj – China compels repatriation, followed by arbitrary arrest + re-education for unknown offense; after two years imprisonment, trial and ‘not guilty’

Biden is already rolling over for Communist China

Too many Americans don’t understand where this will lead


Salute Heroes:  Rand, Josh and Caroline


Senator Rand Paul pushed back on Stephanopoulos’ re-education mantra

If the election wasn’t stolen, why wouldn’t the winner WANT an investigation to put doubts to rest, and increase legitimacy?

Senator Josh Hawley op-ed standing up against the ‘muzzling’ of America

Exercising constitutional duties as a Senator leads to Hawley’s book cancellation (book about corporate fascism) and conference centers canceling fund-raisers

This goes right to the core of free speech and the rule of law

Israeli author Caroline Glick spells out the real goal of leftism:  to wipe out opposition

GOP in America has already wiped itself out; the left wants to go after all traditional American patriots

             Paul, Hawley and Glick are Leaders to Watch for in the Future


What Patriots Can Do


Non-violent, relentless push back…

…the left’s agenda did NOT receive 80 million votes

…the left’s agenda is NOT even close to popular in America

Yes, emails and phone calls to elected officials still matter

‘Ask for the manager’ of stores engaged in ‘viewpoint discrimination’

and insist they stop it

Assert individual, Constitutional rights to free speech, freedom of assembly

…to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Waiting for 2022 to get engaged is not an option