Why It Matters – The January 26th Show

Why It Matters – The January 26th Show

Dictators of Truth Emboldened


George Stephanopoulos interchange w/Rand Paul exemplifies Orwellian Ministry of Truth    All must say what they are told to say; all must think what they are told to think

Charity incidentAll must support BLM; no one may opt for ‘all lives matter’; no one may express concern about defunding police, eliminating bail, refusing to enforce laws against theft

Dissenters shall be fired, and shunned as racist and white supremacist

This is a very dangerous trend for all who love freedom and freedom of speech

Imagine leftist hysteria if a charity/business demanded:  All must support MAGA agenda


Trump Senate Trial


A fundamentally vengeful and unserious action by the US Senate will further erode Americans’ respect for the current ‘institutions’—

Impeachment is a process for removal from office; Trump is already out of office

Causation of January 6th riots is anything but clear

There is irrefutable evidence of bad actors from both ends of the political spectrum; Patrick Byrne has noted indicia of a staged operation

DEMS fomented/legitimized riots and insurrection all summer, w/o consequence

Highly dubious whether a ban on holding office resulting from this process would pass Constitutional muster

Some Senators are sensing petty vindictiveness is not a good look


Biden Bows to China


Biden reverses EO banning China equipment and parts in US power grid

Most Americans ok with that?

Trump ban on Chinese military affiliated companies on NYSE now up in the air: Unclear Biden grasps the danger ….

All significant Chinese companies controlled by CCP; none held to US disclosure standards

China increasingly aggressive in flyovers into Taiwan airspace

Will Biden resist a military takeover of Taiwan by China?


The CCP is not a benign organization…the world should be wary


Biden Cures Covid ?!


On cure of Covid… After Biden is inaugurated ..

  • WHO announces (on Biden Inaug. Day!) PCR covid-testing generates heavy false positives
  • Gov Whitmer (Michigan) oks indoor dining
  • Gov Newsom opens up California
  • NY GOV Cuomo realizes we can’t stay in lock down forever …
  • Media suddenly able to paint rosier picture in headlines … “cases falling..”

Americans don’t like their intelligence insulted…medical science hasn’t changed…only political power has changed…questions proliferate: how much of the Pandemic mgmt experience was driven by politics and how much by medicine?


Trump Opens “Office of the Former President”


Trolling Biden’s “Office of the President-elect”

Apparently intends to stay involved with the MAGA agenda…

…rather than retire

Denies interest in forming a new political party

Affirms interest in primarying GOP incumbents

This is why the Swamp is driving

for impeachment/conviction/ban on future office-holding

America LOVES the MAGA Agenda and

This Drives Swamp crazy