Why It Matters – The January 27th Show

Why It Matters – The January 27th Show

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

  • Never again” should be the resolve of humanity
  • 75 years after Auschwitz’ liberation, resolve is wavering in parts of the western world
  • Rising anti-Semitism has never been a good omen for the world
  • Anti-Semitism is often a proxy for hatred of God; and the secular elite ruling classes can easily slip from tolerance for faith in God into disdain for it—to the point of blaming religion for the ills of society and moving to limit and ultimately eradicate it
    • This is the aim of the Soros/leftist agenda

Judaism and Christianity form the moral foundation of America

Be alert to and reject those who would deny or destroy it


Bo Snerdley and the New Journey PAC

James Golden, a/k/a ‘Bo Snerdley’ of the Rush Limbaugh Program, is a force for intelligent, informed patriotism—for love of America

Stepping out on his own with courage and clarity, joined by patriot Autry Pruitt

Golden’s New Journey PAC will be a force for turning black America away from leftism

The attacks on him from the left will be strident

Look for New Journey PAC advertising…and look for ways to support it!


Kobe Bryant and MSNBC

An MSNBC reporter heaping accolades on Kobe Bryant stumbles on “LA Lakers”

Intentional, sub-surface racism of left-wing MSNBC exposed?

Honest mistake?

Room for remorse and apology? Or another bow to the ‘cancel culture’?

Remember: The left desires to foment hatred of America, and stoke racial division

Americans must step up: Refuse to live in or feed the 24/7 outrage culture

America is a good country, filled with good people

Correct or condemn if needed; avoid obsession