Why It Matters – The January 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The January 2nd Show

2024:  Top Concerns for Patriots


Gaza Refugees & Lt Gen Michael Flynn

  • Say NO to Hamas refugees

Our Justice System

  • SCOTUS must not be oblivious or naïve: stop prosecution/persecution of Trump

Climate Policy

  • Not one inch toward kitchen appliance regulation…or any other alarmist nonsense

Election Integrity

  • Remember – Even Democrat Robert Epstein decries enormous Google search results manipulation

Healthcare Freedom & Covid Tyranny

  • Refuse to bow to the next pandemic of fear porn

Financial Freedom & Strength

  • Reject CBDC and any other centralized control – 1776 was the last, best Great Reset

Sovereignty & WHO

  • Americans never consented to give up the Constitution to WHO


2024: Resolutions for Patriots


Fight for and define America

  • – Surrender nothing about it

Don’t fight against a puppet – Biden –

  • Fight against Dems & Leftism – and Michelle Obama

Use unrelenting public pressure to insist on truth as the foundation of justice

  • It works…today the Harvard President resigned

FOCUS your energy …  CANNOT fight every battle

Insist on Truth

  • Don’t concede on lies of the left on anything

Cultivate Discernment

  • Verify before exposing…always remember leftists seek destruction of freedom/consolidation of power

Tell people more:  THAT you care and WHY you care…spend time with friends

  • Every conversation has a ripple effect