Why It Matters – The January 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The January 2nd Show

Embassy/Consulate Attacks:  Baghdad v. Benghazi

Ø Previous Presidents failed to respond forcefully to Islamist attacks on US facilities

NOT President Trump

Ø Failure to respond = weakness => emboldens attackers

Ø Strength and force are understood by enemies

Ø Strongly worded diplo-speak letters are not

Ø Iran has long sought and still seeks Islamic domination; they must understand ‘no’

Iranian regime change in 2020 would be a good thing for the world


Congressional Candidate Beth Van Duyne

        26 women in Texas are running for Congress on the GOP side – great for Texas and US

        Beth Van Duyne and three women candidates from other states formed a new quartet

Ø A forceful and needed counter to The Squad

Ø Far left loonies do NOT speak for American women

Ø American women love freedom; they are NOT inclined to socialism

        2020 MUST be the year for American women to rise up as American patriots

Ø Reject the fake ‘women’s march’; participate in something real

Ø Make #FeminExit real

Ø Become part of our growing national ACWT audience!


Launch of Evangelicals for Trump

        Christian support of Trump started slow for Trump “life-story” reasons

        Christian support of Trump is now overwhelming for “America” reasons

            Trump stands up for Christian values in policy issues

Ø Pro-life

Ø Pro-conservative judges

Ø Pro-Israel

            Trump is profoundly pro-American, and knows instinctively:

Ø America is good in the world and for the world

Ø Christianity is the foremost influence making America good

“God didn’t send the perfect man; He sent the man perfect for the job”


Buttigieg’s Disqualifying Ignorance or Deceit

Buttigieg’s stated position:  the founding fathers didn’t understand that slavery is bad

This is either:

Ø Colossal, disqualifying ignorance of American history from a candidate for President

Ø Monstrously manipulative, disqualifying deceit from a candidate for President

As Ted Cruz pointed out, the American founders were deeply aware of the evil of slavery  

…they knew it would have to end at some point (and they were right);

            …and their inspired words in the Declaration made the reckoning inevitable

Pete Buttigieg isn’t even remotely of the caliber of the Founding Fathers and he is not fit to be President of this country