Why It Matters – The January 30th Show

Why It Matters – The January 30th Show

EU – Nigel Farage Speaks for US


Farage’s 4-minute farewell speech at the EU, and the EU Grand Poobah’s response, perfectly capture the spirit of the times, throughout the western world

  • Globalism vs. populism
  • Ideas of freedom, self-governance, no ruling class elites, no unaccountable bureaucrats – these matter to freedom-loving, self-reliant people everywhere
  • “Put your flags away!” captures ruling class disdain for the stupid ‘nationalistic’ masses
  • EU’s denouncement of ‘hate’ doesn’t resonate because it’s phony: Farage said he loved Europe, but hated the European Union – the difference between loving people and hating soulless, authoritarian institutions




Trump Rallies vs. Impeachment Implosion


Believe your eyes: Trump rallies are unique in American Presidential history; they are voluntary, not paid; the enthusiasm is genuine, not rehearsed

  • Ticket demand >5X venue capacity
  • Huge numbers of people who didn’t vote in 2016, or maybe ever
  • Huge numbers of Democrats

All Dem Presidential candidates together couldn’t draw half of a Trump rally

…And the left still has no idea why

Momentum is building toward Senatorial acquittal in the impeachment sham

Senators see the rallies; Senators see there is no evidence and no crime

Senator Rick Scott’s video delivers the ultimate blow: RIDICULE

Senator Collins is no Romney; she’ll likely get to the right answer


Buttigieg: “American Heartland” = Dog Whistle?


  • Liberals like Buttigieg have no idea of the leftist monster they’ve created and fed
  • American ‘heartland values’ ARE different than coastal leftist values…

…but they are not remotely RACIST

  • “Heartland values” are AMERICAN values – ‘faith, family and football’; neighborhoods, communities, freedom and free markets; individual responsibility; loving your neighbor and your country; hard work; ‘play by the rules’; entrepreneurship
  • Dem establishment may be angling to get him out of the race, because no Dem can win without a big turnout and big majority of the black vote, and Buttigieg is polling at 2% among Democrat black voters.


TX: Blue Wave Hoax


Texas State House Rep Special Election Results: Dems’ Blue Wave predictions dead wrong

  • All-out Dem blitz to flip State House Seat/District 28 Fort Bend County
  • Endorsements from Biden, Warren and Bloomberg
  • Block-walking by Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro
  • 94% of Dem’s campaign contributions from outside district (a nationalized campaign)
  • Dems’, pre-election, project “Dead Heat!”

Result: Biggest turnout in history for a special election runoff

Republican candidate won by 16 points

More than twice the GOP incumbent’s margin in 2018

Bigger district margin than Trump’s 10-point win in 2016

“Blue Wave” in Texas looks totally bogus for 2020

2018 results look increasingly strange…