Why It Matters – The January 31st Show

Why It Matters – The January 31st Show

Does Biden Care He’s Bombing in Polls?


Even the ‘friendliest’ of left-leaning legacy media polls have Biden bombing on every issue

More than 60%!! of those polled disapprove of Biden’s handling of:

  • Immigration
  • The Economy
  • Crime

This is a key to the great American awakening:  LEFTISTS DON’T CARE WHAT PEOPLE WANT

  • Leftists care about acquiring and exercising totalitarian POWER.   Full Stop.

This is why leftists should never be trusted in any election for any office anywhere


Dinesh 2,000 Mules


D’Souza’s latest documentary (not yet released) brings to light monumental work by Texas/Catherine Engelbrecht’s “True the Vote” investigation of 2020 election

Cellphone GPS tracking data has identified 200+ [Zuckerberg?] agents (‘mules’) who engaged in ballot-box stuffing in selected regions of every swing state

  • …there is actual video and other imagery of repeated stuffing
  • …unimpeachable evidence of an entirely new dimension of the massive 2020 election fraud
  • …separate and apart from evidence from canvassing, voter rolls analysis, ‘partial vote’ records, voting machine hacking

Everyone paying attention KNOWS there is now MASSIVE, irrefutable evidence of outcome-changing fraud—i.e., the 2020 election was stolen and Biden is an ‘installed’ President

Do NOT support ANY GOP incumbent or candidate who says there was no such fraud


Trudeau Trashes & Trump Touts Truckers


Canadian truckers and related protesters in Ottawa

  • Reciting the Lord’s Prayer
  • Singing the Canadian national anthem
  • Singing Amazing Grace
  • Justin Trudeau calls them a fringe minority of violent extremists
  • Mika Brzezinski says they are like a ‘cult’
  • CBC anchorette wonders if they are Russian impersonators

Trump supports the Canadian truckers…touts them as brave

Trudeau and other leftists are wildly out of touch with everyday people

They are why Donald Trump arose in the first place

Ruling classes around the world KNOW:  the people are rising