Why It Matters – The January 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The January 3rd Show

New Year’s Resolutions – 2022


A new ‘Greatest Generation’ of Americans is being called – It’s Time to Answer the Call

  • Stand up and speak up to preserve freedom and insist on truth-telling
  • Gen. Flynn: “Local Action = National Impact

Neighborhoods, churches, charities, school boards, City councils, State reps, Congress

Senators…every place where Americans gather…speaking up matters

Refuse to live under lies

  • Tune out legacy media and YT/FB…they are propaganda for the ruling class
  • Resist manufactured fear/pandemic porn
  • Demand action to fully address election integrity
  • Dump all uniparty incumbents and candidates who do not know what time it is in America
  • Navigate around censorship…find, share and stick with alternative media voices (like ACWT!)

America never loses…if American patriots fight


Democrats Censor Speech and Establish Religion


Bowing to the Squad, and acting largely under the radar—

  • Democrat-controlled Congress has passed the equivalent of the Cairo Declaration, making it effectively illegal in America to insult Islam
  • This is tantamount to ending free speech relating to Islam or its founder
  • This is how Islam can be imposed on a country, despite most Americans’ lack of awareness or consent…a virtual ‘establishment’ of religion if one religion cannot be criticized

Americans—including the non-religious—must wake up and ask themselves:

  • Why would Democrats consider it okay to promote relentless mockery of Christianity, ‘evangelicals’ and the ‘religious right’…but forbidden to insult Islam?
  • Where will this lead?


INVENTOR of mRNA Vaccines Taken Off Twitter


Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of mRNA vaccines—i.e., the covid vaccines

Dr. Malone is himself vaccinated

Dr. Malone is warning about

  • Documented, dangerous side effects from the vaccines
  • Malfeasance by government public health officials in blocking alternative therapies
  • Vaccination of children as completely unjustified as a matter of science or health

…yet social media:  YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter…have BANNED Malone from commenting on the vaccines

There is NO good explanation for such censorship

             Vaccination mandates are pure madness at best, and sinister at worst