Why It Matters – The January 4th Show

Why It Matters – The January 4th Show

Patriots Rising Up, Fighting Fraud


EVERYONE knows this election is in the process of being stolen.

  • Everyone seriously paying attention knows the steal is NOT about determining whether “R” or “D” is in the White House
  • The steal is in pursuit of a radical leftist overthrow of the American constitutional Republic… NO excuse for patriot lawmakers failing to see the stakes and failing to stand in support of their oath to defend the Constitution

Pence may be ready to stand up; 400 ex-intelligence officials are standing up to investigate

Yet every relevant American institution—FBI, DOJ, SCOTUS—and virtually every elected official have failed to face and stand up to the fraud…all that is left is ‘we the people

     The gathering of ‘we the people’ on January 6th will be historic, breathtaking

                            ..and they (we) are not going away until justice is done


Gohmert:  No Election Fraud Recourse?


Dismissal of Gohmert’s lawsuit to force VP Pence to act to disqualify fraudulent electors…

…yet another example of American institutional collapse

  • Dismissal on the basis of lack of standing?
  • Judges are not allowing anyone or anything in America to have standing to challenge election fraud and/or will NOT look at the evidence…this CANNOT be the right result if govt. expects people to peacefully accept election results
  • Failure of institutions leaves only ‘we the people’; this is how revolutions are triggered

The evidence of election fraud is massive, overwhelming and growing every day

But no one in an official decision-making capacity will look at the evidence

No one who has looked at the evidence has offered a substantive rebuttal

                Senator Cruz’ bipartisan Commission is a reasonable and potentially

        violence-avoiding solution…will enough House and Senate members see it?


Cruz’ Truth Mission v. Romney’s Election Dereliction


Senator Ted Cruz brilliantly piggybacked on 1877 historical precedent to outline a bipartisan solution:  appoint a Commission to look at the damn evidence!

  • NO judge has looked at the merits of the evidence of fraud…EVERY judge who has dismissed a legal challenge has done so on preliminary grounds: no standing, too early, too late
  • Why wouldn’t Biden and Dems want a full audit to validate the integrity of the result???

                                    Everyone knows the answer

Contrast Cruz’ courage with Mitt Romney (and Chip Roy)

  • The radical left has made their agenda clear; denial of that agenda, or belief the ‘institutions’ or ‘checks and balances’ will stop it, in the face of the last four years of their warmup actions, is transparently foolish
  • Only modern-day Neville Chamberlains can miss the calling of the times…can they still wake up?



House Speech Tyranny = STEP ONE


America in January 2021 faces

  • Election fraud
  • Irrational pandemic lockdowns
  • Rising small business failures
  • Dramatically rising violent crime rates
  • Govt spending unimaginably out of control

And the US House under Pelosi makes top priority to ban use of offensive pronouns????

  • This is fundamentally unserious government, yet it is profoundly serious in its tyrannical and totalitarian leaning
  • Speech and thought control in the US Congress…where every member swears an oath to uphold the First Amendment right to free speech????