Why It Matters – The January 5th Show

Why It Matters – The January 5th Show

Connecting Covid Dots


The covid pandemic as a ‘plandemic’ is concerning more and more Americans

  • Big Govt, Big Health, Big Pharma, and Big Tech want to dismiss this as conspiracy theory

But lots of ‘dots’ accumulating

  • Coronavirus gene-sequencing patents in early 2000’s
  • Fauci predicts in 2017 that a pandemic will occur during Trump’s first term
  • US govt funding of Wuhan ‘gain of function’ research; ‘lab-leak’ origin of covid now viewed as credible
  • Event 201 gamed out a pandemic…in October 2019
  • “Emergency Use Authorization” for vaccines REQUIRED that there be no other viable remedies; Fauci’s relentless putdown of efficacious alternative remedies is irrational and immoral, except for EUA
  • Vaccination hysteria has never reconciled with CDC’s data on 99.9% recovery rates
  • Vaccine mandates for children has NO medical science rationale; risk/benefit is conclusive against
  • FDA’s aggressive behavior in support of vaccines inconsistent with FDA’s history of approving vaccines
  • mRNA inventor (Dr. Robert Malone) comments about ‘mass formation psychosis’ ring true
  • Depopulation agenda is not new, has always been part of left’s vision to fix the world




Candace Owens summed up Americans’ concerns amid growing dot-connections:

What is in these vaccines and why is there a global effort to inject them into the body of every

human being on the planet—by any means necessary?

That is the question every sane person is asking.

Coercion, bribery, propaganda, and censorship are not tools used by good guys.”

Today’s guest, Clay Clark, is at the forefront of asking questions related to a ‘plandemic’

Clark (and I) always invite viewers to listen, question, and verify

What do you think?  Are we Living through a Plandemic?

Check out plandemicseries.com and decide for yourself