Why It Matters – The January 5th Show

Why It Matters – The January 5th Show

Why Some Patriots Fight and Others Don’t


Some GOP’ers:  ”So Trump lost?  What’s the big deal?  You win, you lose, you move on…”

Patriot fighters:  “This is not about Trump per se; this is an obviously stolen election by forces with a declared agenda to destroy American freedom….it MUST be fought


  • Don’t grasp the grave danger of America allowing a fraudulent election and a radical left agenda that will emerge; OR
  • Don’t recognize the determination of the Left to implement its agenda BY ANY MEANS, and wrongly assume that America’s institutions will protect us

Patriot fighters still in the fight:

  • Trump atty Jenna Ellis, suggesting Pence defer counting pending re-certification
  • State AGs, vowing to use litigation to oppose leftist agenda


Truth in Georgia – Warnock Busted


Project Veritas penetrates the Warnock campaign for US Senator from Georgia

  • Videos expose the real Warnock positions as discussed by staffers

Defund the police is his real agenda but “he can’t say that “

“White people” are a problem

More Americans must wake up—

  • This is standard operating procedure for leftist politicians

Lie in public about they think or what they intend to do

Privately assure staffers (and donors) of the truth of what they think and intend to do


     They’ve only been fooled into voting for disguised and deceitful versions of it


How Marxists Fight – Mobs & Manipulation


US Senator Josh Hawley (Missouri) announces objection to electors from PA

  • Leftist mob response is not to debate the merits, but to threaten Hawley’s wife & child IN THEIR HOME
  • Shape of tyranny to come? Antifa & BLM are both Leftist Marxist movements with this agenda and using this mob action. And the Dems are silent.

Biden VP candidate Kamala Harris: Manipulation

  • Presents elaborate story of childhood memory of civil rights protest, and wanting ‘fweedom’

But the story was plagiarized nearly verbatim from an entirely separate MLK story

  • Presents elaborate story of childhood memories of family ‘Kwanzaa’ celebrations

But ‘Kwanzaa’ wasn’t even in the vernacular during her childhood.

                 Shameless pandering AND conscious deceit

                  the mark of a “Leader” who believes the masses are to be fooled