Why It Matters – The January 6th Show

Why It Matters – The January 6th Show

Italian Job and America’s Elections


Explosive news emerging from Italy – Could force a nullification of January 6th  Electoral College vote

  • 4+ years of Obama history with leftist friends in Italian govt
  • Documented Italian involvement in creating/feeding Russia collusion hoax in 2016-2017
    • Maltese ‘professor’ Joseph Mifsud and the apparent framing of George Papadopoulos
    • Four Italian intelligence officers fired by Italian Prime Minister after Trump call
  • Emerging info suggests connection between Italian govt, “Leonardo” – Italian defense contractor with satellite communications capabilities, Frankfurt servers, and Dominion Voting Systems
  • Apparent sworn affidavit and deposition from Italian court proceeding includes admission of direct involvement in manipulation of US votes on November 3rd
    • May be the explanation for the five state, simultaneous vote-counting shutdown

Will ANY American ‘institution’ investigate and answer to the American people?


YUGE Day in America


The evidence of a stolen election has been obvious to anyone with common sense since Election Night, when five swing states were all going for Trump, vote-counting stopped, and the next day Biden won them all, narrowly, after receiving impossible-to-believe ballot dumps, in impossible-to-believe proportions for Biden

Since November 3rd, every institution in America has failed to protect America

The Department of Justice; the FBI

The Supreme Court of the United States

The US House of Representatives; the US Senate

 Millions (?) of Americans ignored the cold and travelled to DC today to protest

                        President Trump spoke frankly and forcefully

                   Prediction:  the American people are not going away


DC on January 6:  People & Pence


America is not facing civil war; it is awakening to a Second American Revolution

The American people are NOT divided 50/50 or anything close

Trump won a landslide!

The American people resent the hell out of their Uniparty ruling class

Resentment today may exceed the colonists’ view of King George

1776 about taxation without representation

2020 about lying, defiant, condescension toward the American people

VP Pence did not rise to the occasion

            Wrote a thoughtful justification; but the result is—he is upholding a stolen election      

            History will not be kind to Mike Pence

                        Maybe he can redeem himself based on response to Italian story?


Georgia Senate Races


The continuing damage to America from the failure to address the stolen election…

After all the evidence of Georgia election fraud, ballot fraud and voter fraud in November 3rd election, how could anyone trust the integrity of any result in a

January 5 Georgia election that used all the same equipment and processes?????

The January 5 election needs to be nullified and re-done after change of equipment and processes…this is not hard but it is necessary