Why It Matters – The January 7th Show

Why It Matters – The January 7th Show

Trump OK’s Transition


  • House and Senate voted to accept Electoral College vote

All but six Republican Senators went along…scared by the Capitol mob scene

  • WH spokesman Dan Scavino has tweeted out Trump’s commitment to

orderly transition for January 20th…But  25th Amendment noise continues

  • The ruling class believes it has won; they are still in control; and the

American people will forget the stolen election they saw with their own eyes

Time will tell…a government built on a lie may have ‘legal’ authority

It has zero moral authority

The American people:  Sheeple?  Or not?


ANTIFA Storms Capitol Hill: Media Blames Trump/25th?


  • Credible reports of Antifa bussed in to the Capitol area (Paul Sperry)
  • Credible reports of Capitol Hill police aware of Antifa being bussed in

This is the same m.o. by which the Tea Party was discredited:  the infiltration of impersonators positing racist drivel that was never part of the grassroots movement…feeding the media a meme by which to destroy the movement

  • Credible conclusion as to the Capitol Hill mob scene: This was an operation

and it accomplished exactly what its purpose was:  to finish off Congressional debate about the election fraud, and finish off Trump with a veneer for blaming Trump

The America First movement is a patriot movement

Not a mob, and not a personality cult

It will not be going away


Why GOP and Pence Punted


Ruling class status, ruling class status, ruling class status, ruling class status

This drives the Beltway, and Trump threatened the Club

The 2016 pre-election meeting at Sea Island Georgia was all about getting Trump OUT

Attendees included Paul Ryan, Tim Scott, Tom Cotton, Big Tech execs


Russia collusion failed

Impeachment failed

Pandemic on course to fail due to ‘Operation Warp Speed’

Election fraud was the final plot

                           Mike Pence valued membership in the ruling class

       Doesn’t see or rationalizes away the existential threat of a stolen election


Where Do Patriots Go Next?


Lots of buzz about a new political party

  • Pros and cons are as old as elections; a mostly tired debate

But recall:

  • The Republican Party was once itself a new party…formed because the old Whig Party would not face the elephant in the room: the imperative to end slavery

Today’s imperative is a rebirth of American freedom under God, and a rejection of globalism and secularism…and the GOP has not got a clue about the nature or magnitude of the enemy, nor any ‘leaders’ willing to engage in the fight

           Restoring and preserving America’s exceptional heritage is imperative

      The America First agenda will not go away…it is ‘the last best hope of earth