Why It Matters – The January 7th Show

Why It Matters – The January 7th Show

Iranian Soleimani Street Theater

Do NOT be deceived:  The Iranian mullahcracy is not supported by the ‘Persian’ people

            …and the people as a whole do not mourn over the death of Soleimani

The Iranian mullahcracy is a totalitarian regime—

Ø Orders businesses and schools to close

Ø Orders workers, teachers and students to appear publicly to ‘mourn’ Soleimani

Ø Will behead or otherwise torture/kill those who do not obey

The mullahcracy is mourning the loss of its military leader, of economic vitality due to sanctions, and of American appeasement…and the loss of control over the Iranian people

There is a need for continuing vigilance against Islamic terrorists, but the Iranian people are not rising en masse against America


American Investment Empowers China

Decades of ruling class arrogance and ignorance put a happy gloss on China—

Ø Backward country struggling to lift its billions of poor people up

Ø Sure thing to mature into democratic norms and ideals through trade with the world

Ø Loss of American manufacturing capabilities/jobs a small price to pay for global good

REALITY:  Communist China is and remains communist:  godless, dictatorial, and with hostile-to-the-West ambitions for world domination

Trade and engagement with the world can be a good thing, but it must never obscure the nature of Communist China and its opposition to America and freedom

THEREFORE – Americans’ investment dollars should not finance China’s growth


AOC and Bernie:  The Revolution?

AOC on the campaign trail with Bernie in CA… Alluring to the ignorant.

            Dangerous to America.

Americans are witnessing a Democrat presidential campaign that is:

Ø All-out socialist & openly calling for a revolution (a la Cuba?  Venezuela?)

Ø All-in for the destruction of America as founded

Ø Manipulating the ignorant into racial malice & envy toward their fellow Americans

Ø Selling government-controlled society & economy, “free everything 4 everyone” via forced wealth confiscation, as “justice” and “love.”

If America is destroyed by socialism, there will be no place on earth where people can live in freedom…THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN


‘Get Off the Pot’ Impeachment Bill

Pelosi’s stalling tactics regarding an impeachment trial in the Senate only reinforce the utter sham of what House Dems have done

Ø There were no grounds for impeachment of President Trump; they simply hate him

Ø There is no urgency for Dems to act; they want to talk impeachment until Election Day

Ø There is no desire for the full truth to come out in a trial, because Democrat money-laundering/corruption in the Ukraine is exactly the kind of Swamp behavior that won Trump the first election, and will win the second

Senator Hawley is right to call Pelosi’s bluff, and the Senate will be right to dismiss this sham immediately