Why It Matters – The January 8th Show

Why It Matters – The January 8th Show

President Trump Speaks on Iran

Key takeaways

1.    No American (or Iraqi) casualties from Iranian missile strike last night

4 out of 15 missiles were duds—did not detonate

2.    Iran is apparently ‘standing down’ after face-saving retaliation

3.    No talk of further escalation by either side, but President Trump says ‘all options’ available

4.    More sanctions on the Iranian regime

5.  The Iranian missiles shot at Americans were effectively paid for by Obama’s ‘deal’

Obama’s ‘deal’ was a treaty that never would have passed the Senate, but Obama did an end run around the Constitution and called it an agreement, and the GOP rolled over

America continues to pay a big price for electing Obama and for tolerating his appeasement of the Iranian mullahs


DEMs TDS Endangers America

Even the least politically-engaged American can see:

DEMS are completely blinded by hatred of Trump…

            Everything Trump does is bad; Much of what Trump does is impeachable.

Sanders, Biden and Warren, TOP Dem contenders MORE determined to attack Trump than protect America.

Soleimani was an enemy; he was a terrorist ‘general’ charged to bring “Death to America”; he held top responsibility for the killing and maiming of American soldiers who were doing the bidding of Republican and Democrat Presidents. He orchestrated the Dec 31 attack on the American embassy in Baghdad, which did NOT end up like Benghazi because America fought back. It is GOOD thing he is gone…all Americans should be relieved and grateful.

TDS blocks moral clarity, and endangers America


DOJ’s Alarming Flynn Flop

        DOJ’s last-minute change to a demand for 0-6 month prison term for Lt Gen Michael Flynn is unconscionable

        Flynn was set up/framed by Obama’s politicized FBI and DOJ, and was driven to sign a plea deal after the most unethical and ruthless pressure imaginable, and everyone inside the Beltway knows it…and so do millions of Americans

DOJ’s action raises questions about:

Ø Judge Emmet Sullivan – used to be angry w/ govt. misconduct. Why the about-face?

Ø AG Barr—does he have control of the DOJ?  Or does he support this travesty?

Can Barr/Durham Drain the Swamp BUT let this travesty stand?