Why It Matters – The January 9th Show

Why It Matters – The January 9th Show

Kevin’s Concessions = WINS for America


Fifteen ballots to elect ‘Speaker McCarthy’ in exchange for ‘concessions’—

  • Not a failure, embarrassment or otherwise deserving of criticism or mockery
    • Did NOT harm the GOP ‘brand’
    • “Concessions” agreed to by McCarthy should never have been necessary to ‘win’
    • Single subject appropriation bills
    • 72 hours to review proposed legislation before voting

NO MORE OF PELOSI’S “pass it to see what’s in it

  • Floor vote on term limits

These are basic principles of a transparent, trustworthy legislature

            Should never have had to be the subject of high-stakes speaker negotiations


Winning America Back


Dr. Victor Davis Hanson – America’s preeminent historian

…keeps posting historic, insightful ‘save America’ prescriptions and wake up calls

“Ten Steps to Save America” and “The Coup We Never Knew” are must-reads

Ten Steps are national policy prescriptions…not achievable by any single citizen…but key

focal points for citizen pressure on elected officials

Cut the debt…secure the border…tap natural resources…oppose discrimination…disrupt and reform higher education…revive the armed forces…fix voting…drain the swamp…upend the welfare state…restore norms

The Coup We Never Knew – a stark recap of profound ways America has been subjected to ‘rule’ and not governed ‘by consent of the governed’

An awakened, informed, courageous, persistent

American electorate CAN restore America