Why It Matters – The January 9th Show

Why It Matters – The January 9th Show

Impeaching Border Buster Mayorkas: Why?


There are NOT two sides to the border security issue

The Biden cabal is NOT incompetent or innocently mistaken

  • Overrunning the southern border is a deliberate plan for overthrowing America as founded

Hearings to impeach Mayorkas start tomorrow

  • These hearings are absurdly late; overwhelming damage has already been done…perhaps irreparable
  • Mayorkas brazenly warned about impeaching him: “you’re not going to like who comes next”

Current Uniparty elected officials are not up to the calling of the times

Impeaching Mayorkas is a minor first step, long overdue

The American people must ‘clean house’ to get a Govt worthy of them


Lawfare vs Trump: Where are we now?


From Conservative Treehouse:

“Lawfare is a construct for media consumption intended to manipulate public opinion”

Cases being pursued against Trump are baseless, pure banana republic behavior

Q.  Why would an incumbent who got 81M votes be determined to put Trump behind bars?

A.Because Biden knows he did not get remotely close to 81M votes…he was installed against the will of the American people…the America people want him OUT of the WH, NOW

Trump, as always, is the only fierce fighter…has moved to dismiss GA lawsuit…is openly pointing to ‘immunity’ issues surrounding Biden’s actions around border, Afghanistan

Fani Willis’ romance/$$ scandal exposes further moral rot behind lawfare

Americans MUST insist on restoring the Rule of Law


Biden Bullies Black Americans


Biden’s appearance at black church in the South, to lecture about the allegedly pervasive evil of white supremacy in America is unconscionable, deliberate deceit intended to manipulate

…and it is insulting to the intelligence of black Americans and all Americans

Watch “The Fall of Minneapolis”  on Rumble, among other channels

The truth of the George Floyd story and the Derek Chauvin trial 

Americans have been herded into mindless allegiance to false narratives about race

These false narratives are maliciously intended to foment fear, division and hatred

Truth will set Americans free…but are there American leaders willing to speak the truth?


U.S. Rep Clay Higgins & J6 Eye-openers


Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins (former cop) sat for an hour-long interview with Tucker Carlson regarding J6 evidence Higgins has personally seen

Key takeaways

  • Fed agents, inside the Capitol before any protesters, were dressed as Trump supporters and acted as guides to get protesters to key locations for inflammatory photo ops (e.g., Pelosi’s office)
  • 200+ Fed agents—undercover/disguised—were at work at or around the Capitol on J6

Americans are arriving at the inescapable conclusion:  the J6 protest was deliberately orchestrated into an ‘insurrection’ narrative to destroy Trump and Trump supporters

….and seal the steal of the 2020 election