Why It Matters – The January 9th Show

Why It Matters – The January 9th Show

Senate Impeachment Showdown

McConnell has ‘trumped’ Pelosi; he will NOT amend Clinton-era impeachment rules that passed the Senate 100-0…Pelosi’s gamesmanship over new Senate procedures re witnesses and testimony has been shut down

Even Dem Senators (Feinstein) and House members are withdrawing support for Pelosi’s delaying tactics

A prompt Senate trial should lead to prompt dismissal or acquittal of this utterly baseless impeachment…

            …Don’t be surprised by grandstanding from Romney; he will only embarrass himself


Pelosi’s War Powers Resolution – and Iran

The basic Constitutional tension:

Ø Commander-in-Chief has duty to protect America; take action when needed, especially to destroy ‘enemy combatants’ endangering Americans

Ø Congress has sole power to ‘declare war’

Dems tried to hamstring Nixon in 1973; Pelosi is trying to do the same to Trump in 2020

Likely result:  status quo, EXCEPT Americans are witnessing, in real time in an election year, that Dems’ TDS makes them more for protecting Iranian Islamic terrorism than they are for protecting America and Americans


Ukrainian Airliner Shot Down in Iran

Don’t buy into fears of a fearsome, well-drilled Iranian military

Ø Nearly a third of missiles were duds

Ø Command and control of air defenses so weak as to cause shootdown of airliner

Ø Iranian annual defense budget reportedly around 2% of US annual defense budget

Doesn’t mean Iranian military isn’t dangerous or can’t inflict harm

DOES mean they are no match for the American military IF THERE IS A US PRESIDENT WILLING TO USE IT….and President Trump shows every sign that he will