Why It Matters – The July 10th Show

Why It Matters – The July 10th Show

Census Question Update

        An Obama-appointed federal judge blocked DOJ from internal re-assignment of legal staff addressing census – and demanded written explanations from EACH lawyer if any further change is sought. What if the reason for the requested change IS to fight TDS–Deep State opposition?

        The TDS era, fueled by the MSM, has engulfed the legal system…the only law is:

a.  Trump bad

b.    Trump should not be President

c.     Everything Trump does must be blocked because a & b

THIS is heading toward a constitutional crisis; the Judiciary is NOT the superior branch of government.


IWF, Women & Progressive Privilege

        Progressive privilege– the assumption that progressive ideas are the only right ones and that conservative ideas are second-rate– is ALL around us!

        Many in media, magazines, entertainment & education operate on the ”All women are Leftists” worldview – and that shuts down intelligent debate and belittles millions of women!

        Check out Independent Women’s Forum website iwf.org to see the Prager video and read their research and papers

        Recognize and call out Progressive Privilege in everyday life – women are entitled to be treated as thinking individuals!

Teen Vogue magazine—

        A beauty/fashion magazine for teens regularly includes socialist/Marxist advice on the right way to think. Privileged assumption is that leftism is the only way to think. Beware & oppose it

Teachers’ Unions/NEA—

        Announce that ‘abortion is a fundamental right’…despite millions of Americans opposed to it.  Encourage teachers NOT to join! What does this have to do with public school teaching?


        Tempe, AZ local management ok with ‘cops are bad’; ok to demand six police officers leave the premises because another customer feels ‘unsafe’…the default attitude is always pc progressive


        Shutting down a website on refugee resettlement policies for no reason except that they don’t like the policies

        This is brute-force progressive censorship, because they can