Why It Matters – The July 11th Show

Why It Matters – The July 11th Show

ABE’s Mission & Assassination


Shinzo Abe assassination a deep ‘culture shock’ in homogenous, low-violence Japan

  • Abe a model of a ‘nationalist’ conservative…sympatico with Trump
  • Pro-Japan, anti-submersion of Japanese identity into globalism
  • Anti-alarmism re climate change

So far, little evidence suggesting assassination was an organized multi-party operation

  • Confessed assassin appears weirdly, mistakenly motivated as to Abe’s impact on his family

Tragic for Japan and the world…a solid, still popular leader

But Abe’s political party/policies appear to be gaining even stronger support

…just like MAGA in America


Biden’s Sells America’s PRECIOUS Strategic Oil Reserve



America facing rising gas prices; Biden orders release of SPR to alleviate supply concerns

  • BUT SELLS 5M barrels of USA reserves to Europe and Asia…

including nearly 1M to CHINA

  • China ‘buyer’ has links to Hunter Biden

Tucker Carlson called it out correctly:  this is treason and it is impeachable

The American people are watching treasonous behavior by the installed President

They are watching a ruling class that appears to be doing nothing about it

This is why the American People are the only answer:  They MUST rise up


Climate Change Alarmists:  Let Them Eat Bugs


Dutch farmers are bringing clarity to the world—

  • Climate change regulation is a tool of a global reset into totalitarianism
  • Food shortages are an intended result…’you will eat bugs’ if the globalists get their way

It is time for real scientists to call BS on the entire climate change hysteria

  • Decades of catastrophic predictions…that have not come true
  • Monstrous upheaval in living standards around the world being driven by alarmism

…for miniscule projected temperature change

  • What’s really not ‘sustainable’: govt by hysteria

Time to rethink, re-analyze and pull back from the entirety of climate alarmism

Regulating the world into financial and social collapse based on a fraud…must stop


WI Supreme Court: Ballot Boxes = Unconstitutional


Wisconsin—perhaps unwittingly—is moving toward decertification of the 2020 election

Wisconsin Supreme Court decided the use of ballot dropboxes is illegal and unconstitutional

  • Their use undermines citizens’ trust in the outcome of elections

Already established proof in Wisconsin that the number of ballots cast/processed through illegal dropboxes far exceeded Biden’s margin of ‘victory’

  • Other, overwhelming evidence of massive voter registration fraud in Wisconsin

Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Gableman is onto the fraud and is not backing off on demands that WI legislature act to decertify

A domino effect about to be initiated?