Why It Matters – The July 12th Show

Why It Matters – The July 12th Show

CPAC Highlights


  • CPAC in Dallas…sold out crowd; youthful; wholesome; very high energy
  • CPAC in Dallas a travelling version of ‘main’ CPAC in Washington DC

Similar to CPAC-in-South Korea; in-Japan; in-Australia

  • Google/YouTube has already taken down Trump’s speech at CPAC in Dallas on 7/11
  1. The yearning for freedom is universal among those who understand/have experienced it
  2. Leftist indoctrination cannot forever suffocate or deny that yearning
  3. America’s social media giants are out of touch with why Trump/the MAGA agenda are so enduringly popular across America…their totalitarian censorship habits are damaging them but they are too arrogant to see it or believe it


Cubans Protest Communism: Dems Duck


  • Millions of Cubans took to the streets this past weekend to protest the deprivations and degradations of living under communism

The NYT says the protests were about ‘not enough covid vaccines’

The Biden State Dept urges ‘calm’ but does not make clear:

When do Cubans get to do what BLM and Antifa get to do in the USA?

  • Long-time Castro cheerleader Bernie Sanders…notably silent

Forever the truth:  Communism and socialism generate dark, depressing, joyless societies

Will enough under-40 Americans wake up in time to reject them?


FBI – Turn in Your Family


  • Authentic Biden/FBI tweets encourage American family members to turn in other family members who might be edging toward ‘extremism’…and extremism can include questioning the 2020 election results
  • This is a direct assault on the family unit
  • How far is ‘round up the extremists’ from the Nazis: ‘round up the Jews’?
  • Most Americans…most human beings…sense that a snitching culture is an ugly culture

Eventually drives everyone to distrust everyone else; to confide in no one; to stay silent for fear of ‘the authorities’

The Biden admin—or whoever is rolling out this agenda—is wildly overstepping

The overwhelming majority of Americans are not fooled by this…

            …and they will NOT accept it


Government at Your Door 


  • Fauci is urging door-to-door vaccination monitoring and ‘encouragement’ from federal govt activist/employees—
    • For a disease with a 99.8+% recovery rate without vaccines
    • For a disease with clinically proven therapies apart from vaccines (such as HCQ, ivermectin and budesonide—news of which is willfully suppressed by Big Tech)
    • For children who have almost no risk of death or even serious illness from the disease
    • For vaccines that the CDC reports have caused over 9,000 deaths in the USA
  • Partisans on each side will debate the legalities of this action, and the potential for it to lead to other government door-to-door actions, but American patriots already KNOW:

This is not how American freedom looks and feels

If the Biden Admin were trying to provoke rebellion…

…what would it do differently from what it’s already doing?