Why It Matters – The July 13th Show

Why It Matters – The July 13th Show

Rocking the CRT World: Larry Elder & Allen West


Black conservatives running for the highest office in California and Texas !!!….

Elder & West–

  • Featured in “Uncle Tom” movie…watch it!
  • Reject CRT, embrace MLK content of character
  • Reject 1619, embrace 1776
  • Reject equality of outcome, embrace equality of opportunity
  • Reject victimhood, embrace achievement
  • Completely nullify the MSM boilerplate talking point of conservatives = racists

Represent a profound threat to what Dems count on for their base:  Minorities

Just watch how the MSM attacks them…

…the radical left isn’t pro-black; it uses race to divide America


Texas Dems FLEE: WHY?


Texas DEMs evacuate the statehouse to prevent quorum for legislative action

All for the purpose of blocking election integrity reforms

The open secret: 

  • Dems cannot win elections without cheating, so they will do and say anything to block election integrity reforms anywhere and everywhere
  • But Americans are waking up…

Strong majorities support voter ID

Election audits are stirring support for election integrity reforms

Will Texas GOP reps finally stop believing Texas Dems are moderate???

Texas Governor, Lt. Gov. and House Speaker now under pressure…

                       …to lead in accordance with Texas’ strong, native conservatism


Jan 6th Prisoners of Conscience


Evidence is piling up that points to January 6th as a set up

  • Too many visible ‘leaders’ of the ‘insurrection’ are not charged (informants?)
  • Videos show police inviting people into the Capitol
  • Thousands of hours of unreleased video footage…

…can only be because it dispels the narrative of violence/insurrection

  • Treatment of jailed ‘trespassers’—unarmed people now sitting in solitary confinement with no charges specified—is sickeningly over the top in America
  • Trump request to send in Nat’l Guard two days before Jan 6th rejected by Pelosi

…and Pelosi says Trump was fomenting ‘insurrection’???!!!

If FBI/DOJ want to restore public trust, they MUST:

Release video evidence…explain unindicted ‘leaders’…

spell out charges v. prisoners