Why It Matters – The July 13th Show

Why It Matters – The July 13th Show

Roger Stone vs. Susan Rosenberg


Consider Pres. Bill Clinton’s pardon of Susan Rosenberg

  • Rosenberg an avowed terrorist; member of group advocating overthrow of the US govt.
  • Participant in plans to blow up federal facilities and assassinate policemen
  • Arrested while in possession of hundreds of pounds of explosives
  • After pardon, now Vice-Chair of nonprofit partnered with Marxist BLM

Roger Stone – convicted of a process crime at the tail end of the Russia collusion hoax

  • No evidence that he did anything for or with Russia; no prior criminal record
  • Corrupt Mueller team arranged SWAT team overkill arrest and tipped CNN to video

Tucker Carlson powerfully documented this comparison, and YouTube took it down

Americans MUST connect these dots…the MSM is entirely a leftist propaganda arm; they are in fact the enemy of the Truth and of the American people


BLM Tyranny and Immunity


BLM is an admitted Marxist organization, and its bullying tactics must be resisted

  • MSU published a 100% legitimate academic study documenting police behavior…BLM forced a retraction because the study didn’t support the ‘systemic racism’ narrative
  • NYC Mayor DeBlasio cites covid, and outlaws all outdoor public gatherings…

except BLM protests     Pure leftist dictatorship – no logic, no public health rationale

  • Daughter of slain Texas cop tweets “Blue Lives Matter” and faces twitter mob opposition

Americans must rise up and resist the radical leftist/Marxist BLM organization which is NOT about helping blacks in America; bullying always continues until good people stand up

Good news:  “Back the Blue” rallies are spreading around the US

Americans as a whole do NOT want elimination or defunding of police


Thomas Sowell:  BLM, Race and America


90-year old Thomas Sowell is one of the world’s wisest and most knowledgeable people on the subjects of economics, race and America

  • Sowell’s life journey growing up in Harlem as a black leftist and ultimately becoming one of America’s most esteemed scholars ought to be mandatory reading for all Americans
  • Sowell is a role model for the human race – tremendous integrity, humility, courage

Sowell has sounded a warning:

  • “Systemic racism” has no meaning; it is pure leftist propaganda that is accompanied by totalitarian bullying that will not permit discussion or questioning
  • The failure to re-elect Trump in 2020 may be ‘the point of no return’ for America


Durham, Sullivan:  Justice MUST Win


Emmet Sullivan is transparently gaming the legal system

  • Pushing for a leftist majority of DC Circuit Court to grant en banc review of his grossly dishonest extra-judicial persecution and prosecution of Michael Flynn
  • Attempting to sustain Flynn legal jeopardy past election in hopes Biden wins and

persecution and prosecution can be completed

Obamagate has reached critical mass

Americans MUST refuse to accept anything other than complete accountability

            Obamagate is the most egregious abuse of power in American history, BY FAR

            The scope of culpability includes Uniparty senators and Congressmen

Barr and Durham MUST deliver justice based on the truth of what happened

Millions of Americans MUST refuse any kick-the-can or wrist-slap result

            Indictments, trials and jail time MUST be imposed on the culpable