Why It Matters – The July 14th Show

Why It Matters – The July 14th Show

Biden Flunks Cuba Test


  • Biden’s DHS Sec’y adamant about blocking Cuban refugees from coming to USA
  • Refugees are illegally pouring in through the Biden admin’s open southern border…

…but a firm Biden admin NO to Cubans—people of color—fleeing communism???!!!

  • Fact: Cuban immigrants tend to vote anti-communism, pro-freedom = NOT Dem
  • Biden’s Cuba policy is a breathtakingly stark revelation of Biden admin’s true colors
    • Not about welcoming or protecting people of color
    • Not about welcoming immigrants generally, or true asylum seekers fleeing Cuban oppression

Biden’s southern border policy is about flooding the US with people who may support the Left’s Marxist agenda & vote for free stuff from dems

AMERICA should be the first country welcoming Cubans fleeing communist oppression


Barr Blocked Fraud Investigation


  • US Attorney in Pennsylvania – Yale undergrad, Harvard Law, former Marine—wanted to investigate election irregularities in PA and was told to stand down by AG Bill Barr
  • AG Bill Barr increasingly exposed as a servant of the Deep State, with allegiance to the ruling class and not to America and the Constitution and the rule of law

Pious patriotic speeches during Barr’s AG tenure look increasingly like purposeful misdirection…talking the talk, but not walking the walk

  • Election audit ‘noise’ in AZ, GA & other states increasingly loud. Is a reckoning coming?

What will Barr/Pence/McConnell & the ENTIRE DC Establishment do

IF evidence of outcome-changing election fraud overwhelms Americans?

Double down?  Or will conscience have a say?


Call it Marxism


  • Karl Marx wanted the power of government to control all of life.

He said he wanted to destroy belief in God, AND in the idea that individuals have rights.

He viewed men and women as masses, to be manipulated, NOT individuals with God-given dignity & purpose. Marx divided people along economic lines, while CRT uses race to divide America. Marxism AND CRT are antithetical to America.

  • Xi Van Fleet, one of CPAC’s moving speakers, a refugee from Mao’s ‘cultural revolution’ says what happened in China is what’s happening now in America via CRT!

Biden admin move toward monitoring/censoring text messages = pure totalitarian/Marxism, based on idea that individuals have NO right to think or say anything Govt does not like.

Biden’s lunatic ravings about voter ID akin to Jim Crow = FALSE incendiary rhetoric designed to divide US along racial lines AND to push America toward one-party rule that will result from the Dems’ “for the people” act

Marxism IS the ideology that has overtaken the Left