Why It Matters – The July 14th Show

Why It Matters – The July 14th Show

Back to School?  Teachers vs. Unions


MSM interviewer stunned by UNANIMOUS agreement of ‘authorities’ on need

for children to return in person to school

  • Covid data does NOT warrant shutdown of schools
  • Data shows children least vulnerable to covid-19
  • Children NEED the social and educational experience of going to school
  • Teachers can be protected; teachers want to teach

In the face of these unanimous sentiments regarding the health and well-being of children,

LA, CA Teachers’ Union has released ‘demands’ for returning to work (next slide)

The contrast could not be more severe; Americans must wake up—they

must connect the dots of the radical left’s agenda in public schools


Los Angeles Teacher’s Union Demands


Open acknowledgment that Covid-19 pandemic has opened the opportunity to fix society the way the leftist union wants it…therefore, conditions for returning to work:

  • Defund the police
  • MediCare for all
  • Moratorium on charter schools
  • Guaranteed housing
  • Billionaire tax + millionaire tax
  • Enhance aid to undocumented students

These union leaders HATE America…yet this is what Joe Biden supports…

            …and this is what the unions want to TEACH America’s children

The radical leftist agenda is plain to see; if America is to be saved

American voters MUST turn out in droves to reject the Dems


AOC Explains NYC Crime


A 1 year old boy shot and killed in a stroller at an NYC cookout

This kind of violent crime is not about the shooter’s desire to put food on the table

It is about a societal collapse of law and order built on morality and decency

Do NOT be fooled by AOC’s vapid, airhead manner; she is a trained mouthpiece of radical leftist ‘Social Justice Democrats’ who are attempting to connect with and stir the ignorant

to embrace the overthrow of America under the Constitution

Joe Biden embraces AOC and her message…he is all-in with radical leftism




Dem Destruction:  Biden and the Suburbs


“Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” (AFFH) is Obama-era social engineering on steroids

Forced introduction of low-end housing in affluent suburbs

Allegedly about addressing ‘disparate impact’/racism; really just naked govt power

  • HUD Secretary Ben Carson has questioned its meaning and value, and NOT pushed
  • Biden/Bernie alliance promises full speed ahead
    • Forced relocations to ‘abolish the suburbs’; attack suburban zoning
  • Example of things to come: Chicagoans relocated to Dubuque, Iowa

Radical leftist social engineering—

  • Dismisses/denies the role of behavior/morality/family in rising out of poverty over time
  • Demands instant redistribution as the only solution to inequality

Radical leftist social engineering ALWAYS FAILS

Americans must reject it in 2020 election