Why It Matters – The July 15th Show

Why It Matters – The July 15th Show

Trump Wins Alabama Primary


Trump-backed Tommy Tuberville wins US Senate GOP Primary over Jeff Sessions


Deep State/MSM ‘deniers’ will say this result is a ‘deep South’ one-off aberration


  • This is a measure of the breadth of knowledge and depth of disgust of American patriots with the abomination of Obamagate and the lack of accountability of the perpetrators
  • Jeff Sessions does not appear to have been a perpetrator, but as AG he was oblivious, clueless and spineless in the face of the most egregious abuse of power by the DOJ and FBI in the history of America…

Trump and those who voted for him have been the victims of this abuse….AND THEY ARE FED UP…Tuberville rode that disgust to a 20+ point victory…


Dr. Bartlett and Congressman/Dr. Abraham


Doctors who actually treat covid patients (as opposed to medical researchers) have seen recovery/cure through use of hydroxychloroquine and of budesonide (thousands of recoveries, not merely anecdotal stories of cure)

Institutional voices like NIH/Fauci seem relentlessly determined to discredit these doctors and their treatments

Americans are rightly asking WHY:

  • Who decides which recoveries are based on science and which aren’t? Who determined who decides?
  • Why the relentless push for a vaccine as the only solution?
  • With lethality rates of covid documented to be below that of a bad flu,

why the continuance of lockdowns?