Why It Matters – The July 15th Show

Why It Matters – The July 15th Show

WHY Dems Sabotage Deportations


        Deportation: a legally authorized consequence/remedy for violation of duly enacted immigration laws of the USA. Every country has these kinds of laws.

        Sabotaging legally issued deportation orders is sabotaging the rule of law in America.

        The remedy for ‘unjust’ deportation orders, ESPECIALLY for Members of Congress, is to change immigration laws, to make them more just

        America supports the existence and enforcement of laws controlling the entry by non-citizens into the country, and legal consequences for violating those laws

        Dems’ refusal to change the laws is because they know the American people do not support their ‘open borders’ agenda

        So the remaining Dem tactic:  smear ICE, smear HHS, scream about ‘concentration camps’; scream about the haters who want secure borders




ARE Ilhan Omar’s views Un-American?


        No one is denying Omar the right to voice her opinion

        It’s fair to pay attention to what she actually says

        It’s fair to ignore what she says

        It’s fair to respond to what she says

        A society-wide debate about what is ‘pro-American’ and ‘un-American’ is a profoundly important and needed debate; these terms HAVE TO MEAN SOMETHING


Ayaan Hirsi Ali vs Ilhan Omar


        Two Somalian-born black women, raised in the Islamic faith; immigrants to America

        Hirsi Ali has renounced the hatred of Jews that is part of Islamic teaching (and has renounced all religion); is a prolific writer/speaker in support of America

            Omar embraces Islam and the hatred of Jews

        The stark contrast of these two women is profoundly educational to all Americans who wish to dive below the surface of Twitter, get past the MSM ‘everything Trump does is racist’ narrative, and re-learn what America is


WHY is Anti-Americanism trendy?


        From Meghan Rapinoe to Colin Kaepernick to Rep Ilhan Omar, the LEFT is filled with characters who express disdain for America. 

        You can love the idea of America and still criticize the shortcomings and faults, and work to improve it, but many of today’s Leftists LOVE to HATE on America.

        Even some of the Democrat Presidential candidates are participating in the frenzy of hatred for America. They are mainstreaming hate of America.

        This calls for conservatives and patriots to re-engage on the claiming what AMERICA is and is supposed to be.