Why It Matters – The July 16th Show

Why It Matters – The July 16th Show

No Covid Cure Allowed


  • Covid-19 lethality rates continue to drop…well below recent flu seasons
  • Successful covid-19 treatments continue to proliferate
  • New covid-19 case data in Florida riddled with fraud/overstatement
  • Efficacy of masks vs. downside of masks widely debated; no ‘scientific’ consensus (but massive political pressure to conform to mandatory mask-wearing)


  • MSM continually hypes ‘cases’ and finds medical voices to endorse lockdowns
  • MSM and institutional public health authorities relentlessly disparage all treatments

other than a yet-to-be-developed vaccine

  • State governments persist with invasive ‘track and trace’ programs as if covid-19 is super lethal

There is a mindset (ruling class?; Deep State?) that will not allow covid-19 to be cured …unless and until there is a mandatory vaccination of all Americans….

                                  Is this really science or a political agenda?


NYT’s Resignation Resounds


  • Bari Weiss may become an unexpected American hero
  • Weiss’ very public resignation as an editor of the NYT is documented by a letter that is

extremely articulate, even eloquent, in specifying and denouncing the collapse of        editorial objectivity and integrity at the NYT

  • The key fact: Weiss’ letter is likely to be read by NYT readers, many of whom blindly

and resolutely deny the presence of anti-Trump, leftist bias at the NYT

Weiss has made elitist denial of NYT bias impossible…that’s a positive step for America


GOYA Boycott Backfires


  • A rare business CEO speaks up in favor of President Trump…and won’t back down
  • CEO happens to be Hispanic; his company happens to make/distribute Mexican foods
  • Leftists demand boycott of GOYA brand foods
  • American patriots propose “‘buy’cott” of GOYA brand foods
  • RESULT – GOYA foods sell out across the country; GOYA can’t keep up with demand