Why It Matters – The July 18th Show

Why It Matters – The July 18th Show

America Has Reached NO Compromise Zone


The ‘no compromise’ list of issues is growing

  • Gender transitioning of children
  • Open borders
  • Voter ID
  • Hollowing out the US military
  • Defunding police; decriminalizing everything thru leftist DAs
  • Climate change=>absolute control of life
  • Vaccine mandates


‘Middle ground’/room for compromise disappearing

Politicians in the 1850’s tried to ‘kick the can down the road’ with compromises for half-free, half-slave expansion territories…could not be sustained b/c slavery not compromise-able


Extremely tough decisions ahead for the American people


The Vicious Left Exposed: Bannon vs Holder


Obama’s AG Eric Holder held in contempt of Congress in 2012

  • Refused to supply info re fed gun-running operation ‘Fast & Furious’
  • Never even an inch of Congressional or DOJ movement toward prosecution of Eric Holder


J6-related show trial of Steve Bannon launched in DC today

  • ZERO chance of any conservative Trump supporter getting a fair jury trial in Washington DC
    • 69 year old grandma with cancer just ordered to jail for trivial J6 offense
  • ‘Executive privilege’ asserted by Bannon and now waived by Trump a bit of a wild card


Larger reality:  J6 Committee is on a scorched earth mission to disqualify Trump from ever holding office, and to criminalize support of Trump


This is the Uniparty determination to maintain control AT ALL COSTS

Americans must take back their country beginning in Nov. 22


Biden’s 30by30 Climate Tyranny


Biden Executive Order purports to commit the federal govt to acquire 30% of America’s land and water resources by 2030…all in the name of fighting climate change


There is NO govt action, no matter how tyrannical and totalitarian, the left cannot justify in the name of fighting climate change


This is why it is IMPERATIVE for real scientists with real integrity to stand up and speak out


Two eminent, emeritus professors pointed the way with SEC submission:



Where’s the proof that these professors are wrong?


Feckless Pence Endorses AGAINST


Mike Pence stuck in a time warp – forever believing the only issue that matters is whether he did the right thing on January 6/7 in relation to what was known at that time


He is dead wrong


What matters is what he knows now, and how he acts upon what he knows now


Kari Lake is the root-out-election-fraud crusader in the GOP primary for AZ Governor

Lake is way ahead in GOP primary polls


By endorsing Lake’s opponent, Pence has gone full Uniparty, full anti-Trump AND is in full denial of overwhelming election fraud evidence developed since January 6/7


Pence has no political future if elections are not rigged