Why It Matters – The July 19th Show

Why It Matters – The July 19th Show

NO charges for Colbert’s Capitol Invasion Staffers


Far more similarities than differences in actions of Colbert staffers and J6 protesters

No arms; unauthorized entry into Congressional offices

But J6 labelled ‘insurrectionists’ and being thrown in jail/solitary confinement, with recommended jail sentences as long as 16 years for non-violent actions

Colbert staffers will face no charges

The Biden DOJ is a disgrace to the legacy and traditions of America

An utter mockery of ‘blindfolded Lady Justice’

A politicized, weaponized arm of the radical left

Pray for America


Gov’t & Social Media Collusion


Lawsuit in Missouri/Louisiana specifically alleges collusion between Govt and Social Media to suppress/censor free speech

Judge has ordered discovery to proceed

Dr. Shiva in Massachusetts has previously documented Govt/Twitter cooperation

Institutional moral rot and tyranny is being exposed…unprecedented in US history

Will Americans insist that it be stopped?


2024 Presidential Hopefuls


Much ado about Trump’s impending announcement re 2024 plans

  • Too early?
  • Or just right for preempting the field…and for preempting/framing J6 indictment?

None of the usual rules for timing/political strategy are relevant

Elephant in the room => stolen 2020 election + immediate radical leftist destruction of USA

Trump was the victim and the target of the 2020 steal

…the American people/MAGA millions see Trump as having first right to run again

…and everyone else can wait

Announcement coming on Monday in DC?


New Pictures of the Universe!


James Webb telescope is a wondrous human achievement; a true technological marvel

Initial photos are breathtaking, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping

Vastness of the universe almost beyond human comprehension

Evidence of intelligent design, beauty, order…all from a Big Bang?

Potential for moving world thought toward reverence for divinity

—i.e., away from the raw materialism of transhumanism?