Why It Matters – The July 19th Show

Why It Matters – The July 19th Show

Cuba “Most Equal” – Who Knew?


  • 1619 Project founder says Cuba is the ‘most equal’ society in the western hemisphere
  • She is the product of false, absurd teaching; living in a bubble of ivory tower imagination

The joy of freedom and individuality are of no importance

Equality of economic status is all that matters

  • But here is Castro’s Cuba:

Castro himself died as nearly a billionaire

Cuban military is taken care of

Remaining Cubans are peasants sharing equal misery. Poverty & repression abound.

Socialism is an ugly, godless fraud that has produced misery everywhere

It is antithetical to America as founded

and must be rejected and ejected from America


Freedom Rising Up: Australia & France


  • New Australian lockdown spurs poignant video from 35 year old AU woman

When is western-style freedom allowed to resume?

When did authoritarian, totalitarian government gain the people’s consent to rule?

  • French take to the streets opposing Macron’s mandate of vaccine passports
  • LA County Sheriff facing re-election says no enforcement of mask mandate

Says no science behind it

  • Why are the vaccines, masks & lockdowns being pushed so hard?

Covid recovery rate at 99.8+%; practically of no risk to children

CDC reports 10,991 deaths from vaccines as of 7/18/21…

…and some believe this is willfully understated

People around the world are waking up…


Amnesty Scheme in Infrastructure


  • Sen. Durbin says Dems will put amnesty in ‘infrastructure’ bill
  • Sen. Klobuchar says Dems could put federal election takeover in ‘infrastructure’ bill
  • DEMS would NEVER openly campaign for either of these positions

They know they would lose elections, because American people don’t support them

Yet when DEMS have power, they jam these ideas down the throat of the people,

just like Obamacare.   There is NOT “consent of the governed.”

Are DEMS trying to provoke a rebellion? 

To what end?

Ruling without the consent of the governed is anti-American

Submission is surrender to tyranny


WHY Marxists Hate Families


Read the AT piece:  Parents Cancelled by Their Own Children

Heartbreaking…this is an epidemic across America, and it is not an accident—it is a plan

This is the poison of godless Marxism

Family destruction is the goal. Leftism in our schools, universities, media etc. is the means

The good news is:

Millions of American adults are waking up, rising up, speaking up & praying as never before

This Marxist poison can be expunged; it is not natural or normal

Americans MUST keep standing up

Strong, united & loving families are worth fighting for