Why It Matters – The July 1st Show

Why It Matters – The July 1st Show

Trump at the DMZ

Media, Lefties AND State Dept. elites perpetually pontificate about policy but are rarely BOLD.  Like Reagan saying “tear down this wall,” Trump confronts evil. Confronting China may be WHY North Korea is willing to talk.

There is never a guarantee of peaceful progress for humanity, but there can be:

        Acknowledgement that past efforts have failed

        Boldness to try new approaches, take new steps


Portland Descends into Darkness

        Andy Ngo, a journalist who criticizes Islam AND Antifa’s violent past, gets beaten in Portland, with NO HELP from Portland police

        Mayor of Portland seems to be enforcing his politically correct definition of law & order – same as with the ICE-opposition-related violence in 2018

THIS is the breakdown of law and order, right in front of us.



Spit-in-Face = AOK with Left

        The Washington Post and Red Hen restaurant condone spitting on customers with whom they disagree politically

        This is a culture unhinged from the Christian moral compass that has defined civility in America

        AMERICANS must care about this degradation of their culture; they MUST stand up and speak up



Dem Debates – and America’s Future

        No borders, no citizenship requirements = NO America!

        Free healthcare, free education for all who enter—NECESSARILY PAID FOR BY AMERICAN CITIZENS/TAXPAYERS, because THE Government HAS NO MONEY!!

        Abortion on demand, up to and including post-birth = a culture of death, not life

A literal ‘free-for-all’ is a catastrophe of chaos for all; it is the destruction of America.



Dems and Socialism:  Why Can’t Everything be Free?

If our needs, like education, healthcare, housing, debt-relief, can ALL be paid for by the federal government, WHY shouldn’t everything be free?

Margaret Thatcher –  The facts of life are conservative

        Sooner or later you run out of other people’s money

        You cannot separate reward from effort and still get the effort

Socialism Implants Envy & Entitlement in citizens…AND removes all hope, aspiration, Joy & ambition

Venezuela, Cuba anyone?