Why It Matters – The July 20th Show

Why It Matters – The July 20th Show

TX Rep –  Audit the Vote !

Texas State Rep Steve Toth has introduced a bill, House Bill 241, calling for an audit of the election in Texas’s 13 most –Populous counties.  And the Mockery Mob has already started.

WHY have an audit when no one is questioning the results in Texas?

“It’s too late”  “we need the machines for the next election”

  • Today in America, at least 1/3 of adults believe that Joe Biden won due to election fraud.

Trust in our system is at an all-time low.

  • Audit can include checking both vote count AND review of whether procedures followed.

AmericaCanWeTalk proposal:

have audits in every state, after every election, with the areas to be audited randomly selected after the election is over. Adjust rules about how long data is kept, machines are accessible, to accommodate this

        WHY would any honest election official, or political party, oppose this?


Macron U-turn on Vac Passport


  • Just since yesterday, French President Emmanuel Macron reversed course on his vaccine passport policy. Now it applies only in very large malls, and leaves small shopping areas and restaurants free from this policy. NOT a full reversal but a start.
  • Macron’s draconian rule was reversed because the people spoke up. Literally crowds in excess of 114,000 showed up in the streets to oppose Macron’s Vac Pass order.
  • UK now entering a medical apartheid phase where unvaccinated will remain on a de facto lockdown. And Canada is now requiring vaccine passports.

Politicians need to hear from the people in peaceful orderly ways.

From calling for election audits, to pushing for election integrity bills, to opposing draconian covid lockdowns & vac passports, the people in America have an important role in holding on to our country and liberty