Why It Matters – The July 20th Show

Why It Matters – The July 20th Show

“Export Illegals to DC” Plan is Working


Tx Gov. Abbott shipping border crossers to East Coast (DC and NYC) having intended effect

  • Massive, growing demand for aid swamping state and city capacity…
  • just as it does in border states and cities

Requiring Congress/Senate/WH to live by the laws they pass has long been suggested as a cure to the passage of bad laws

Open borders have always been a theoretical issue to the ruling class/Eastern corridor

…now being driven home in a practical way

MAYBE some legislators’ attitudes will shift toward sane border policy


Biden’s Climate Change “Emergency” Farce


Biden cabal pushing for Executive Order declaring climate emergency

  • Conferring vast rulemaking authority on unelected bureaucrats
  • De facto suspension, even elimination, of the Constitution and Bill of Rights

…all in the name of a fabricated ‘emergency’

Biden cabal is acting in utter defiance of America and Americans and climate science

  • SEC submission—just last week—by eminent climate scientists denying any climate emergency
  • SCOTUS’ recent EPA decision a warning shot on delegating too much power to unelected agencies

…proposed Biden EO would do exactly what SCOTUS said not to do

Americans are thoroughly fed up with an unelected, installed cabal destroying America

Sri Lanka, Netherlands Scenes may be coming to USA, soon


Biden’s Election Theft Plan Foiled?


Biden cabal effort to federalize voter registration efforts through agencies met w/lawsuit

  • Inflating voter rolls has been demonstrated as the critical first step in election rigging
  • Lawsuit against Biden cabal sought discovery of all orders/communications to agencies
  • Biden cabal tried to ignore/defer any obligation to produce docs until after Nov. 2022 elections
  • Federal judge just ordered discovery that Biden cabal was ignoring/deferring

American resistance to Biden cabal is trying to use civil means to stop it

  • Still not clear if enough judges have the backbone to honor their oath to protect and defend the Constitution against this lawless cabal

Nothing the Biden cabal is doing is normal

everything is in pursuit of radical leftism

None of it was voted for by the American people


Whose Side is America On?


Primary election results pointing to an awakening…and rejection of the ruling class

Former NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio loses in a Congressional Democrat primary in New York?

  • Legacy media would have Americans believe he was a strong NYC mayor
  • NY DEM voters apparently didn’t agree…

Maryland GOP primary for Governor—

  • GOP anti-Trump incumbent Larry Hogan—who believes himself a viable GOP presidential contender—endorsed a RINO to be his successor
  • Trump endorsed MAGA/America First candidate Dan Cox
  • Cox won decisively

Beltway Uniparty stuck in the belief everything is about Trump personally

Americans are fed up with Uniparty elitism