Why It Matters – The July 20th Show

Why It Matters – The July 20th Show

Portland Terrorists Arrested – Leftists Outraged


No one can look at recent video clips of Portland and conclude this is what an American

city should look like—

  • Graffiti, arson, property destruction on multiple city blocks
  • Mayor did nothing for 7+ weeks; then Feds show up and he blames them
  • The Feds are not acting as ‘secret police’
  • Unmarked cars are commonly used to interdict serious crime/terrorism (Antifa)
  • Officers are wearing uniforms
  • Arrests follow warrants; arrested suspects are not being hidden or held without rights

The leftist agenda is total destruction of the social/civil order…

           …restoring American law and order will take resolve and persistence


Congressman John Lewis Legacy


As a young man, Lewis stood with Martin Luther King and endured police brutality

MLK’s stand brought about positive change, and Lewis deserves credit for joining

Years inside the Beltway changed him from civil rights icon to standard leftist

  • Boycotting Trump’s inauguration was blind acceptance of a false MSM narrative

He never acknowledged how Trump’s agenda has benefitted black Americans

  • More and more aligned with voices of division and separation, not equal rights

The political parties have never switched…Dems have always been the party of racism

            GOP has always been the party of equal rights under the law

John Lewis failed to see that reality…a reality reaffirmed yesterday

            in our next story…on Allen West’s victory in Texas


Allen West Elected Texas GOP Chair


This is major good news for Texas and for America

MSM/leftist narratives completely dismantled by West’s victory

  1. Racist GOP

Most populous GOP-controlled state in the USA –

elects a black American to be GOP Chair (and Texas Dems call West “racist”!)

  1. Strong, shifting anti-Trump sentiment in GOP

Karl Rove/ruling class status quo rejected in a landslide election (akin to Tuberville/Ala)

West is more conservative and outspoken than Texas Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick

New pressure on Texas’ elected officials to reverse course

No more ‘turning purple’

Get back to honoring Texas heritage of freedom


Antifa, BLM and Lt. Col. Allen West


Antifa and BLM are led and populated mostly by white Marxists

  • They are anti-black family
  • Pro black abortions
  • Anti-Christian
  • Anti-free markets
  • Anti-American

Allen West is the opposite of Antifa/BLM…

…and he just won a landslide election to be GOP Chair in Texas

because he is pro-American and doesn’t back down…JUST like Trump

Bevelyn Beatty is the new Rosa Parks…a black woman unafraid to call out

BLM for its anti-black agenda…in NYC, in front of Trump Tower