Why It Matters – The July 21st Show

Why It Matters – The July 21st Show

SCOTUS: Barrett & Kavanaugh under fire


Justices Alito, Thomas & Gorsuch warn in veiled language but public decisions:

Kavanaugh and Barrett do not have the fortitude to make tough decisions

Not difficult to understand why Kavanaugh & Barrett might be timid.

Cancel Culture “Writ Large”:

Kavanaugh brutalized in confirmation hearings by orchestrated, vicious lies

Barrett attacked & mocked – has 7 kids still at home. Threats made against both

Who would want to endanger their families by questioning any leftist cause?

Yet this is the calling of the times. Standing up to mockery & vilification in defense of truth

            Kavanaugh and Barrett should not have taken the job if they can’t fulfill their oath

            Elected representatives at all levels face the leftist media mockery mob

            All American patriots face the same challenge in their own spheres of influence


Sen. Rand Paul Scorches Fauci


  • The Obama administration at one time banned ‘gain of function’ research within USA

“Gaining the function” of animal-to-human virus transmission is THAT deadly

  • Fauci’s NIH clearly funded such research at the CCP’s Wuhan virology lab

Fauci’s denials re funding sound like word-parsing technicalities…Fauci is visibly rattled by Paul’s tough questioning

  • Why would the NIH fund bioweapon research in a lab controlled by communist China?

There is no good answer to that question

  • Why would Anthony Fauci publicly state on January 17, 2017 that Trump would face a pandemic before Trump’s four-year term was over?

Leftists go apoplectic at the mere asking of this question…

      …but what is the answer?  Coincidence?  Brilliant foresight?  Other?