Why It Matters – The July 21st Show

Why It Matters – The July 21st Show

GOP’s Quandary – What to Run on in 2020


MSM and Dems selling and stoking gloom, everywhere, and Americans are feeling it

            Do NOT be fooled or manipulated

Donald Trump in 2016 defied the Beltway Club, the UniParty, the Swamp and the globalists

And stood up for the American heritage of freedom and free people


The American ruling class has hated him ever since, deploying every conceivable political tactic into destroying him…because of his threat to their power and status

And now the Radical Left has seized the opportunity to destroy America

knowing the ruling class won’t resist because of their desire to destroy Trump

                                                America’s survival is now at Stake

                                                            We are in a war

        Awake American people must win it with truth, clarity, courage and resolve


Leftism Destroying America


The damage and debris from the leftist assault are piling up for everyone to see

  • The Rule of Law is mocked and turned against truth

St. Louis couple charged for self-defense against a mob

A federal “judge” Emmet Sullivan goes utterly lawless to keep Flynn tied down

Millions know the reality of the Russia collusion hoax, but the perpetrators roam free

  • The NYT takes cancel culture to the level of enabling personal violence on Tucker Carlson
  • Universities (Syracuse; UNT) go silent in defense of fundamental free speech rights
  • Prolonging the fear pandemic to destroy the economy and keep schools closed
    • Covid data long ago showed America overreacted; lethality rate is comparable to a bad flu
    • Had America known then what it knows now…no shutdowns…so why now?

A massive assault on truth and the American way of life

Americans must not be bullied; Stand for Truth    


In 2020, Double Down on Truth


  • America has a brilliant, blessed heritage
  • America is filled with good and decent and noble people

America is not systemically racist; it is not systemically unjust

  • Freedom is precious; it is exceptional in human history; and human beings of every kind know it, and love it

Individual freedom and responsibility under God”—with government’s purpose to honor and protect this idea…is the most ennobling, empowering organizational principle in history

The radical left hates God, hates freedom, hates individuality…and prohibits all dissent

Americans are witnessing the starkest possible contrast of visions for the future

                                            There is only one right choice

            Speak the truth about America, stand up for it in 2020, or lose it