Why It Matters – The July 22nd Show

Why It Matters – The July 22nd Show

Leftist Tolerance Update



  • Redwood City, CA – would rather order the removal of “BLM” from a city street

than allow “MAGA 2020” to be painted on a city street

  • Apolitical Michigan high school coach – Fired for tweeting “Trump is our President”
  • Michelle Malkin – physically attacked as a speaker at a “Back the Bluerally

Neither the methods nor the goals of BLM/Antifa are peaceful

  • There is no tolerance for disagreement; no allowance for any opposition
  • DEMS support BLM/Antifa!
  • BLM/Antifa must not be allowed to gain power in America
  • Those who deny, don’t see, or refuse to call out the evil…

                        ….can’t lead America


Senate GOP Feuding Over Next Bailout


Sen. Rand Paul seriously questioning the wisdom of further stimulus

More money for schools that refuse to open?

Sens. McConnell and Cruz at odds over objectives

Unclear whether or what new stimulus will be


Pandemic shutdown was never a good idea; in hindsight was not necessary; continued bowing to Covid-19 fear narrative rather than accepting Covid-19 ‘over-reaction truth’ is taking a major toll on Trump and GOP and US economy

Time to recognize:  ‘if we knew then what we know now…”=> No shutdown

            THEREFORE—no need for continued shutdowns

                                    Trust US doctors; US healthcare system