Why It Matters – The July 24th Show

Why It Matters – The July 24th Show

Mueller Exposed, Dazed and Damaged

        The hearing today is the latest skirmish in the Democrats’ ongoing coup attempt against the President

        Robert Mueller appears to be a willing Deep State co-conspirator. He was a figurehead in the “Mueller Investigation,” chosen because of his name and (undeserved) reputation for integrity. His confusion and weakness in testifying should NOT be mistaken as bumbling innocence.

        My June 11 interview with Sidney Powell (now Lt Gen Michael Flynn’s counsel) on America Can We Talk’s YouTube Channel offers an in depth look into Mueller AND his high-ranking, corrupt sidekick, Andrew Weissman.


The Mueller Report turned the presumption of innocence upside down—’we can’t indict but can’t exonerate’…and Mueller had no defense for it.  This was and is:

        Unprecedented and unprincipled

        Corruption per se

        Not justice—it is a travesty of injustice

        An egregious offense to the American concept of “rule of law”;

        A permanent stain on Mueller as a tool of leftist ‘lawfare’, not a man of principle

Mueller’s kid-gloves treatment of Joseph Mifsud gives away the fraud of the entire Mueller investigation

        Mifsud is where the lie of “the Russians have Hillary’s emails” originated

        Mifsud is not a friend of Russia; he is a western intelligence asset

        Mifsud was a part of the setup of Papadopoulos (possibly directed by Brennan)

        Mifsud concealed/lied to the FBI about his role…but Mueller didn’t prosecute

Logical inference: Mueller protected Mifsud because Mueller is protecting the coup plotters

        Attorney General Barr told the House Judiciary Committee to limit Mueller’s testimony to the content of the Mueller Report, AND it turns out that MUELLER asked BARR for that letter.  Neither Mueller nor his investigation can withstand scrutiny.

        Mueller conveniently could not testify about the entire creation of the RCH (Russia Collusion Hoax) BUT the hearing gave Americans MORE opportunity to realize that the Mueller investigation was not only the “insurance policy” that Strzok and Page texted about, it was the Cover-Up of the entire Coup against Trump inside the FBI.

        Dems and Mueller were damaged by today’s hearing, because truth was clearer.

The full truth MUST come out


Iran’s Calculated Aggression

Reminder: The world is still a dangerous place

        Iran remains dangerous and floundering

        An out-of-touch mullahcracy ruling largely against the will of the Persian people

        With a tattered, weak economy, mullahs are desperate to get relief from sanctions

        President Trump has not taken the bait to engage militarily, which could shift EU opinion toward Iran and against the US, BUT he will stand up for US interests

        NEW British PM with little sympathy toward Islamic extremists in the mix now

US restraint & strength & strategy required