Why It Matters – The July 25th Show

Why It Matters – The July 25th Show

What Time it is in America & Schedule F Agenda


Reaction to Trump’s “Schedule F”—’extremism’–illustrates Americans’ frustration with elites

  • Schedule F all about re-establishing ‘hire and fire’ authority over public employees

No public employees should be unionized

No public employees should have ‘tenure’ in public agencies

Obama initiated efforts to install leftists in key agency positions…

…and then make them ‘un-fire-able’ by a succeeding presidency

Relentless, purposeful undermining of Trump’s MAGA agenda was the result

Thwarting Trump was a personal Uniparty goal, but the real result—

  • The will of the American people is denied and undermined by permanent bureaucrats

Trump is right to work to fix this…

every Presidential candidate should be for it


WHO: Monkeying With Your Freedom


WHO’s Director General proclaims monkeypox as a world health emergency despite

  • WHO’s Board of Advisors voted 9-6 AGAINST such a proclamation
  • Overwhelming scientific evidence that the disease is associated with gay sex among men

WHO is financed/influenced heavily by Bill Gates and the CCP

Monkeypox declaration is clear illustration of how NWO is sought to be implemented

  • Health ‘emergencies’ for the ‘world’ must supersede and overrule independent action by nation-states….world ‘government’ instantly created to deal with health ‘crisis

Americans…and ‘normal’ people around the world

Now have essentially NO trust in public health ‘authorities’

Unclear whether WHO declaration will be anything but ignored


DEMS: “Votes Changed by Secret Code in Machines”


Democrat hypocrisy re election integrity is off the charts

  • Sidney Powell piece shows DEMS on video prior to 2020 alleging exactly the same voting machine vulnerabilities now being cited by those who dispute the 2020 election
  • Yet DEM dark money sponsors now actively working to DISBAR any US lawyers who have every worked on cases questioning the 2020 election results
  • And the J6 mockery of American justice broke every rule, norm and tradition of due process and fairness


DEMS contempt for the intelligence of the American people knows no bounds


Leftist Long Knives OUT for DeSantis


60 Minutes leads the legacy media hits on FLA Gov Ron DeSantis

Hit pieces at this stage of DeSantis’ potential presidential ambitions illustrate one thing

  • The left fears DeSantis…he is effective

DeSantis’ response to ‘put on the armor of God’ sure to drive leftists apoplectic

Unclear how Trump and DeSantis view each other—rivals or a potential team—but the leftist fervor against DeSantis suggests they see DeSantis as just as formidable or maybe more formidable than Trump

DeSantis doesn’t do mean tweets…but he’s all in with the MAGA agenda


John Rich Sings America’s Song


John Rich’s “Finding Unity in the Pain” [Progress] now a worldwide No. 1 country hit

Farmers, truckers, industrial workers—the common man and woman—are uniting around the world in opposition to a NWO/Global governance system they never wanted

Globalists are ruthless and are on a mission

but the people are resisting the mission and the fear porn…and the people are right

Music has unique unifying power that can’t be nullified by ‘rulers’